'General Hospital' Spoilers: Tracy And Hayden Butt Heads, Elizabeth Comes Clean, And Sonny Faces Questions From Dr. Munro

There is a lot of action ahead in Thursday's episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that Elizabeth will clear the air in some big ways while Hayden and Tracy's relationship gets more tense. Nathan will be experiencing some jealousy related to Maxie, and Sonny's new doctor has some questions for him. Where are things headed in this February 11 episode?

Elizabeth has come to some serious realizations in the wake of Jake's car accident and the explosion at her house that nearly killed Sam. She opened up to Sam during Wednesday's show, and General Hospital spoilers share that she will do the same with Jake in this next episode. We Love Soaps details that in the midst of all of this, Liz will find comfort in a surprising place.

General Hospital spoiler previews reveal that Jake will wake up and see both Liz and Jason in the room watching over him, leading him to mistakenly think that his parents have reunited. This makes Jason uncomfortable, and according to Celeb Dirty Laundry, it seemingly sparks Liz to step up and set the record straight.

While Elizabeth may not go into great detail with her son regarding what happened over the past few months, GH spoilers detail that she may tell Jake enough for him to understand that her actions are what caused the split with Jason. Liz will be working to ease Jake's anger toward Sam. And while Liz's talk with Jake will surely go a long way toward his healing, General Hospital spoilers have indicated that Jake will be needing more intensive treatment in the weeks ahead.

Tracy was very upset with Hayden when she learned of the prenuptial agreement that was put into place before the quickie wedding to Nikolas. Tracy had something of an odd moment of disconnect, and General Hospital spoilers share that this will not go unnoticed by Hayden. From the sounds of things, Hayden will end up going to Dillon soon with some concerns over this, but GH fans will have to wait and see just what is going on with Tracy and her health.

Viewers know that Hayden seems to really be someone named Rachel, and Tracy has been holding this information over her head. General Hospital spoilers tease that as the two women bicker, the topic of Hayden's father will come up. Tracy will be warned not to bring him into this, so clearly there is a very tense or estranged relationship in play here.

Just who is Rachel, and who is her father? General Hospital fans are buzzing about their theories, but so far, nothing concrete has emerged. Some are wondering if Hayden may end up being Paul's daughter, although he has referenced a daughter named Susan, not Rachel. However, Paul's recent mentions of his daughter lately, coupled with the terse reaction to Tracy mentioning her father, definitely has some wondering.

Also ahead on Thursday's General Hospital, Dr. Munro will be pushing Sonny for the truth about his recovery. He pieces together that Sonny has been lying to Carly about his progress, and he wants to know why. Will Sonny be able to convince his new doctor that his reasons for lying are legitimate?

General Hospital spoilers share that Kristina, Alexis, and Molly will be paying a visit to Sam in the hospital to cheer her up while Nathan will be admitting some jealousy to Maxie over Dillon's attention. However, Maxie will be quick to reassure Nathan that she only has eyes for him. Nikolas will do some deep digging into his new wife's background, but he may not be finding answers quite yet.

Viewers will not want to miss Friday's episode, as General Hospital spoilers tease that big romantic gestures are on the way, and the reading of Helena's will is going to take place. There are plenty of shake-ups on the way, and fans won't want to miss a minute of the action.

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