Teresa Giudice Explains Why She Didn’t Want Melissa Gorga To Visit In Prison

Teresa Giudice has been home for about a month, and she has spent much of her time with her children and her husband. Joe Giudice is expected to turn himself in this upcoming March, and he will serve more than three years behind bars. He visited her almost every weekend with their children, so they managed to keep things alive in the marriage. But many wondered why Teresa's brother and wife were kept from seeing her. Joe Gorga finally got to visit his sister behind bars, but Melissa never got to. According to a new Bravo report, Teresa Giudice explained why Melissa was kept away from the prison.

"By the time she sent it in, it was like three months later, and my list was full at the time. I took my brother-in-law Pete off the list to add my brother," Teresa told Andy Cohen during her recent sit-down on Watch What Happens Live.

When Gorga filmed The Real Housewives Of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In, she explained that the requests to go see Giudice would take three months to process. She also hinted that Teresa was trying to keep her away from the prison. And while Melissa felt like she was being completely excluded from the family, Giudice had her reasons. And she told Andy why she wasn't willing to give out a visitor's pass to her sister-in-law.

"When I left, obviously, things weren't the greatest between Melissa and I," Teresa revealed, adding, "Me and my brother were laughing about it, it was a scene that we already filmed [for the upcoming seventh season of RHONJ] and I said to him, 'I really didn't want to spend five hours sitting with Melissa and chatting with her in the visiting room,' and we laughed about it."

Of course, Teresa Giudice knows that Melissa watched her children and cared for them when she was locked up and behind bars. As it turns out, she's very thankful that her brother stepped up and took care of her family when she was locked up. Giudice knows that her children were happy and entertained while she was away, and she is thankful for that.

"Oh, of course. Listen, to me, family means the world to me," Teresa has revealed about Melissa, adding, "I love my brother. I love Melissa. I love my nieces and nephews. I want them in my life."

It sounds like Teresa Giudice just wanted to get out of prison and talk to Melissa again, so they could put their drama behind them. And it sounds like they have worked out their issues, as they are filming The Real Housewives of New Jersey again. And while many people thought that Teresa and Melissa would be the ones duking it out, it sounds like Giudice may have some tension with Jacqueline Laurita.

Jacqueline recently announced her return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and the three ladies have been filming the show. Laurita may be returning so she can pay for her son's autism treatments. She has admitted that it is costing her a fortune. But she could also be retuning to face Giudice. While Teresa was away, Jacqueline may have tried to steal some of her former best friend's acquaintances.

"Andy [Cohen] had asked Teresa if she wanted a friendship with Jacqueline. Teresa said no," an insider has revealed according to Us Weekly, adding, "Teresa reached out to Jacqueline, but Jacqueline didn't think it was genuine. Then they all taped a scene together, hashed everything out and made up."

Will you be watching Teresa Giudice on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

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