Yolanda Foster Battles 'RHOBH' Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Rinna & Kyle Richards In 'Real Housewives' Lyme Disease Debate

Yolanda Foster has publicized her battle with Lyme disease since her diagnosis several years ago, seeking to help others understand the condition and to promote the search for a cure. But recently, Yolanda has found herself defending the reality of Lyme disease as other Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) cast members have questioned her symptoms, as well as whether it's true that two of children have the same condition, reported People.

Among those joining in the debate with Foster was Lisa Rinna, who also took to social media to discuss the brouhaha that had erupted over the recent revelation from Yolanda on RHOBH that her children Anwar and Bella Hadid both are battling Lyme disease just like their mom.

Anwar Hadid poses with Yolanda Foster.
Anwar Hadid poses with Yolanda Foster. [Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Victoria's Secret]

When Kyle Richards entered the argument recently, Lisa Vanderpump claimed that the father of Anwar and Gigi (Mohamed Hadid, who is Lisa's pal and Yolanda's former husband) had not hinted at the unexpected diagnosis. That led to another member of the RHOBH cast, Erika Girardi, getting involved.

Erika played the role of tattle-tale by dishing to Yolanda about Kyle and Vanderpump. Adding fuel to Foster's fire, Lisa Rinna visited Yolanda to express her regret over having gossiped about rumors that Foster suffered from Munchausen syndrome.

All those betrayals led to Yolanda challenging both Richards and Vanderpump. Foster revealed what Rinna had said and held out the medical records of her two children suffering from Lyme disease as evidence that she is telling the truth.

As for the claims that Yolanda's ex-husband Mohammed has no idea that two of his children have Lyme disease? What Hadid knows became part of the ongoing Lyme disease debate among Foster and the other Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, reported Radar Online.

Yolanda tackled everything directly at a luncheon with Vanderpump and Kyle, with the dialogue focusing on what to her is the tragic reality that her kids Bella and Anwar Hadid both suffer from Lyme disease. Foster told them about her visit from Lisa Rinna.

Yolanda Foster and Bella Hadid both have Lyme disease.
Yolanda Foster and Bella Hadid both have Lyme disease. [Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images]

"I said you are discrediting my disease... What kind of person are you?" demanded an angry Yolanda.

Moreover, Foster attacked Vanderpump for daring to contend that she didn't believe Yolanda's children have Lyme disease because she had not heard their father make any comments.

"I've never heard in all the years I've known them, ever them, or anybody else, mention Lyme disease," insisted Lisa.

And that's where Yolanda unveiled a shocker.

"Mohamed pays for the medical bills," declared Foster.

That bombshell, revealing that the father of Anwar and Bella is aware of every detail of their Lyme disease treatment because he bears their health care costs, trapped Vanderpump in a corner.

"What I've gotten from it is that Mohamed said they are healthy," Lisa tried to defend herself. "I'm saying I never knew they were ill."

However, after the display of the medical records documenting the Lyme disease battle fought by both Anwar and Bella, Yolanda made it clear that she feels she is owed a heartfelt apology.

The RHOBH stars attempted to wind down from the argument with a visit to San Diego, where Girardi was set to display her alter ego of Erika Jayne. However, the ride in the limo included a surprise revelation. It's Erika rather than Rinna who was the biggest tattle-tale.

Rinna then tried to put Erika in a confessional corner, but she initially played innocent.

"I am the person who told 100%," confessed Erika during her confessional.

Turning to Twitter, Rinna lashed out at being targeted as the snitch.

Lisa also contended that Yolanda should not have brought up the topic of her children and then been sensitive about having their health discussed.
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