Jimmy Fallon Dons A Black & White Wig While Performing With Sia

Jimmy Fallon has been up to his usual antics on The Tonight Show. Lilly Singh joined Fallon this past week, and Entertainment Weekly reports that they played Family Feud.

Singh warned Jimmy Fallon before they started playing that she had plenty of experience with Family Feud in the real sense of the term.

“I must warn you, I grew up in Family Feud. Like, not the game, like real-life situations every day. So, yeah. Family Feud. I’m ready for this.”

Apparently, this generation has a revealing wake-up routine. People wouldn’t have checked their phone first thing in the morning 15 years ago. But Jimmy Fallon had a lot of fun this past week making fun of people, too. WHTR reports that last Wednesday night, Jimmy Fallon took the time to go through his popular “NFL Superlatives,” just ahead of the Super Bowl. Fallon made sure to give Peyton Manning a few good digs, considering this might be his last Super Bowl.

“He was voted, ‘Most likely to reward his teammates with a Werther’s Original.'”

This isn’t the first time that Peyton Manning was the subject of one of Jimmy Fallon’s superlatives!

Jimmy Fallon's NFL Superlatives hit Peyton Manning, more Broncos https://t.co/JKsITp0WMb pic.twitter.com/wZazvJAGNk

— Peyton Manning (@iPeytonManning) October 30, 2015

Perhaps the best Jimmy Fallon moment from this past week also happened on Wednesday night. Entertainment Weekly reports that Fallon donned his Donald Trump costume and mocked Trump’s Iowa loss. Jimmy Fallon gave a “faux” victory speech that after he came in second place.

“I’m here tonight because the people of Iowa have wisely named me the winner and champion of second place. It’s just like children say: First is the worst, second is the best, third is the one with the hairy chest. Marco Rubio, get that taken care of. You wouldn’t want your hair to make you look ridiculous.”

Apparently, Jimmy Fallon’s version of Trump said that second place was better than first place.

“Two is bigger than one. One plus one is two – so basically, I won twice. If you don’t believe me, look at these example of why two is better than one. First up, Toy Story 2; clearly the superior movie. Next up, R2D2. I never even heard of an R1D1. Next up, the twins on The Bachelor. They’re fantastic. First of all, four boobs. Plus, they’re way better than that psycho Olivia. Is she nuts or what? Finally, the Minion that has two eyes. Way cuter than the Minion who has one eye, who, let’s be honest, looks like a penis who can see me.”

In closing, Jimmy Fallon’s Trump was proud to lose in the state of Iowa.

“From now on, when you think of Donald Trump, I want you to think of a huge No. 2. Watch out New Hampshire: the deuce is loose.”

Aside from all the really funny business this past week, Jimmy Fallon once again had Sia on The Tonight Show, and he, Sia, The Roots, and the talented Natalie Portman had some fun of their own. VOA News reports that the ensemble sang “Iko Iko” and they all wore wigs that were half black and half blond.

Sia’s wig had bangs long enough to obscure her face. According to Voa News, Sia is known for her incredible voice and for her tendency to hide her face during performances and public appearances.

Of course, Jimmy Fallon is known for his incredible ability to make people laugh, including himself. One of the best things about Jimmy Fallon is the genuine joy he exudes. He truly is genuinely amused with the humor of his guests and has the best time with them on his show.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]