‘The Big Bang Theory’s’ Kunal Nayyar Missed Out On Meeting The Cast Of ‘Friends’

The Big Bang Theory is back and better than ever. And it will only keep getting better because, as the Hollywood Reporter reveals, Adam West will finally make an appearance on the well-loved show. For those who don’t know, West is the actor who played Bruce Wayne/Batman in the original Batman television series from 1966. This will be West’s first appearance on The Big Bang Theory, which is in honor of the 200th episode of the show.

Aside from the upcoming appearance of Adam West, there have been many exciting things happening on The Big Bang Theory since the show returned after the holidays. Glamour reports that they chatted with Mayim Bialik (who plays Amy) and Kunal Nayyar (who plays Raj) at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last weekend to find out more about what’s happening on the show. When it comes to Amy being away at the conference, Bialik said she was grateful to be able to sit in a chair.

“The first week we did that (referring to the conference). I had actually thrown my back out, so I was so happy to just be sitting in that chair.”

She also spoke about Sheldon’s Meemaw’s visit on The Big Bang Theory.

“June Squibb plays Sheldon’s Meemaw. She’s kind of sassy pants, so it’s a funny episode.”

As for Nayyar, when asked about his relationship with Emily and where it is heading, he only says there is going to be some trouble in paradise.

“The trouble doesn’t go away right away. There may be some other people in the mix that [Raj] has his eye on. But they’re definitely going to try and work through it.”

Another burning question that came up for the stars of The Big Bang Theory is why some of them were absent from the photo op with the cast of Friends at the Jim Burrows tribute a few weeks ago. Melissa Rauch was also absent, and she and Bialik were out of town, although both ladies were not in the show when Burrows directed it. Nayyar was also out of town and trying to get back, but he and his wife were caught in a blizzard.

“[My wife and I] were stuck in the blizzard, Jonas! We couldn’t make it back. Why would I miss that?!”

Apparently, the rest of the cast of The Big Bang Theory kept texting Nayyar all evening, telling him about all the fun they were having.

“They were texting me, and I was in bed looking at it like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’ They were like, ‘Look at us! Drinking champagne with the Friends cast!'”

Nayyar is an incredible fan of Friends, so he was sad to miss out on the chance to hang out with the cast, but he has been able to meet some of them before.

“Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of the cast, and I’ve always been a fan boy around them. They’re the best.”

Plus, Matt LeBlanc gave Nayyar some really good advice regarding the journey of an actor in the most popular TV series of their time.

“He told me that the journey is crazy, the journey is long, and everybody’s going to want something from you, [but] just keep your sanity and stay grounded.”

That some pretty sage advice from someone with loads of experience. It seems that with continued high ratings that The Big Bang Theory will be going for some time to come, which is fabulous for everyone who loves it — which is, well, nearly everyone!

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]