Shocking Video Of Carer Abusing 94-Year-Old Alzheimer’s Patient, Secretly Filmed By Her Daughter, Riles Up The Internet [Video]

A shocking video of a carer abusing a 94-year-old Alzheimer’s patient has riled up the internet.

An edited version of the video, which you can view above courtesy of ElverKing Studio, surfaced on the web last week and has since gone on to be viewed more than a million times on different video-sharing sites, including YouTube. Secretly filmed by the daughter of the elderly woman in the video, it shows a female carer attacking the woman who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease without as much as the slightest provocation.

According to reports, the incident took place in the home of Miriam Marino, a Buenos Aires resident who lives with her mother in the capital city of Argentina. Marino had employed the carer to look after the elderly woman during her absence from the house, owing to her work, which often takes her away.

But over the last few days, Miriam became suspicious that not everything was right with her mother. After being informed by her neighbor about the alleged abuse that her mother was suffering at the hands of the carer, Miriam decided to install a secret camera to find out what was actually happening in the house, reports Metro.

Sure enough, a shocking video emerged from the incident, which was posted by Miriam online. About 17 minutes long, it shows the horrific level of abuse suffered by the Alzheimer’s patient in the absence of Miriam.

In the video, the carer appears to get angry and starts to repeatedly hit Miriam’s mother around the head, pushing and shaking her and grabbing her by her hair.

The above video is only an edited version of the entire video, which you can watch by clicking here.

Shocking video of an Alzheimer's patient being abused by her carer.
The video shows the carer attacking the elderly woman with pillows first, before slapping and shaking her for no apparent reason. (Photo: Miriam Marino/YouTube)
Shocking video of an Alzheimer's patient being abused by her carer.
Here, the carer can be seen striking the elderly woman with her legs. (Photo: Miriam Marino/YouTube)

Apparently, the carer was employed by the elderly woman’s daughter three years ago. If a day of abuse can be so shocking, one can only wonder what the Alzheimer’s patient would have gone through over the last few years.

The shocking video has been shared widely since it was uploaded online by Miriam and has gone on to anger social media aficionados like never before.

Most people have expressed their shock over the fact that someone who belongs to the care work industry can be so inhumane. One commenter wrote that the companies who recruit such carers should have to bear the responsibility for such incidents, as they are clearly the ones who should be monitoring their recruits.

“Why go into care work if that’s your attitude? I think care work companies need to monitor carers on a regular basis or else lots of people can be getting the same treatment and its going unnoticed.”

Another man wrote that the carer must be given a harsh punishment for her actions.

“I would slap the hell out of the demonized carer. There’s some crazy people out there that surely don’t belong in this world except in hell. Bless the lady’s heart.”

Having said that, the carer is yet to receive any punishment after reports suggested that the police have not yet taken any stringent action against her even as the internet denounces her for her disgusting actions.

The shocking video should serve as a strong reminder to people that they must cross-check the backgrounds of the carers they employ to look after their dear ones.

[Image via ElverKing Studio/YouTube]