‘Teen Wolf’ Spoilers: ‘A Path That’s Been Building For Years,’ Theo And The Dread Doctor Mask And Episode 517 Sneak Peeks

It took two episodes, but Teen Wolf Season 5 finally got Lydia out of Eichen House (though it wasn’t easy). Based on what’s to come, as glimpsed in previews and what Theo now has in his possession, it couldn’t have come at a better time (for her and the pack).

Lydia continued to be stuck spending time with Valack in the latest Teen Wolf episode, despite the packs’ attempts – both by Theo’s and Scott’s – and with a hellhound added to the mix. Valack dragged her away into the tunnels, and the mystery of the Beast of Gévaudan (namely, which teenage chimera it is) remained unsolved since in order to find that out could mean her death. See, the Beast was human back in the 1700s, and the Dread Doctors are apparently trying to get it to remember who it once was. If they do that, the teenager it is now will be gone forever. Just before Valack can force the Dread Doctor mask he has on Lydia, she screams, killing him in quite a gruesome manner – by blowing off half his face.

Fortunately, that’s when Stiles and Theo happened to find the room she was being held in, and even more fortunately, Scott, Liam, and Parrish found them just in time. Meredith had told Scott that the hellhound was the key to finding the banshee, and it turned out he’s also the key to keeping her scream from killing everyone around her, as he grabbed her and ignited as she screamed. But Lydia wasn’t out of the woods just yet. Once out of Eichen House, with help from Mason, Hayden, and Lydia’s mother, they booked it to the animal clinic, where Deacon came up with a solution just in time before Lydia screamed again: filling the hole in her head with mistletoe.

Teen Wolf's Stydia
Stiles saves Lydia in Teen Wolf episode 516. [Image via MTV]

Saving Lydia in this Teen Wolf episode led to several “Stydia” moments, from him telling her to let him save her life to her telling her mother that he saved her. Those seem to suggest that Stiles and Lydia are the characters executive producer Jeff Davis meant when he told TVLine that “this episode starts two characters down a path that’s been building for years.” So there may be hope for Stydia fans in the episodes to come. It’s hard to imagine who else he could have meant, given that not many characters have actually been around for years for whom that tease could make sense.

Theo and the mask in Teen Wolf
What is Theo going to do with the Dread Doctor mask? [Image via MTV]

As for that Dread Doctor mask, Theo didn’t leave it behind. He now has it, and MTV News asked if he’s “stupid enough to actually wear it” himself or if he’ll force it on someone else. Given Theo’s plan to take the Beast’s power, it doesn’t seem likely that he’ll be willing to risk himself by putting on the mask.

The promo for the next Teen Wolf episode shows that the lacrosse field may turn into a battlefield. The best-case scenario would be to have Coach forfeit the game, because the Beast is likely going to attack, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

The first sneak peek from “A Credible Threat” shows Scott and Kira leaving talk about the lacrosse game (and whether or not they’re ready) behind for something more fun, but the morning after their sleepover, Kira gets out of bed and picks up her sword. Scott watches from the bed.

In the second clip, Corey’s ready to check out of Beacon Hills (and who can blame him?), telling Mason that his still-healing injuries are just “life” there. Mason tries to give him a pep talk – he can make himself invisible, he’s fast, he’s strong, people like him need people like Corey to save them, he needs him – but Corey argues that Mason’s too smart to need anyone, that the smart ones are the ones who survive. But in Mason’s attempt to convince him of what Scott has been able to accomplish in the past, he seems to have realized something.

Teen Wolf Season 5 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on MTV.

[Image via MTV]