Bernie Sanders Campaign Raised $6.4 Million Within A Day Of His Victory Speech In New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders has had a very good last few days.

After cruising to victory in New Hampshire primary and delivering what many believe could be a serious setback to Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the Democratic nomination, Sanders campaign has received millions in donations within a day of delivering his New Hampshire victory speech.

According to a report by Huffington Post, Bernie Sanders campaign raised a staggering $6.4 million in donations within 24 hours of delivering a famous speech in New Hampshire that culminated with the Vermont senator asking supporters to help the campaign by donating money.

Bernie Sanders remains the first presidential candidate in the history of the United States to raise money from more than 3.25 million individual contributions. And the way it is going, that number is only set to increase in the days and weeks to come.

Using his speech as a national fundraiser, Bernie Sanders told his supporters that no donation is small enough for his campaign.

“I’m going to hold a fundraiser right here, right now, across America. My request is please go to and contribute. Please help us raise the funds we need, whether it’s 10 bucks, 20 bucks, or 50 bucks. Help us raise the money we need to take the fight to Nevada, South Carolina and the states on Super Tuesday.”

“So, there it is, that’s our fundraiser. Pretty quick.”

Bernie Sanders' campaign raises $5.6 million with 21 hours of delivering his victory speech.
Bernie Sanders used his victory speech in New Hampshire as a national fundraiser. (Photo: Win McNamee)

According to a separate report by KETV, the $6.4 million haul that Sanders campaign has been able to generate within 24 hours has easily surpassed the $3 million haul that his campaign generated after Sanders’ narrow loss to Hillary Clinton in the Iowa caucus.

Following Sanders’ victory speech in New Hampshire, his campaign manager Jeff Weaver sent an email setting a goal of $6 million, and a few hours later — considering the phenomenal response — increased it by another million.

“Well, you already crushed that goal in just a couple hours. So, in the spirit of this campaign, we’re going to reach for a bigger but difficult goal — raising $7 million by the end of the day today.”

Such was the torrent of contributions that ActBlue, which processes Sanders donations, was crashing soon after Bernie Sanders delivered his New Hampshire victory speech. According to ActBlue executive director Erin Hill, the site saw a peak of 26,000 contributions in 15 minutes Tuesday night, and the spike caused a bump in the processing systems.

“We did hit one bump late yesterday though. Last night’s spontaneous fundraiser (the one that raised $6.4 million in less than a day) broke our external processor’s response systems.”

Another senior Sanders aide told BuzzFeed News that the fundraising website had a peak of 51,000 concurrent visitors at one point.

As CNN reports, the spontaneous fundraising is further evidence of the digital fundraising juggernaut Sanders campaign has built over the course of the last few months. The average donation of $34 also surpasses the previous $27 average contribution Bernie Sanders has been touting for a while now.

Not only has the Vermont senator managed to upset the odds that positioned him as an outsider at the beginning of the presidential campaign, recent developments would serve as a stark reminder to Hillary Clinton, and maybe even the Republicans, that Bernie Sanders is quickly becoming a defining force in the race for presidency.

[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]