Kanye West Fans Not Happy Album Still Not Released

After all the hype on Wednesday about a new album, Kanye West has disappointed fans with a lack of album. February 11 rolled around for Pacific time, and there was still no download available, leading to many to take to social media to question the rapper.

The Verge reported yesterday that West’s new album would be available through Tidal on a livestream basis. Fans stayed up all night to listen to The Life of Pablo, previously called TLOP, to get a feel for West’s new music. They were left disappointed when the link led to nothing, with no explanation as to why. Some suggested that it was all a publicity stunt to create want for the album, so more would buy when it came to the actual release for purchase. Others have defended the rapper, saying that no time frame was ever given out; just that the release would happen sometime on Thursday.

Kanye West's Album Did Not Drop And Fans Are Not Happy

There had already been hype over the previously unofficially-named album. It had been through a series of names, including SWISH and So Help Me God. On Monday, Kanye took to Twitter to confirm the initials TLOP, and asked fans to guess the name. He would even offer a pair of his own branded Yeezy sneakers and tickets to a sold out event to the winner. It is currently unclear if the prizes were won, but the competition is definitely off. Easymoney227 on Twitter did guess correctly, but nobody confirmed anything yet.

The ticket was to his Madison Square Garden showing of his latest clothing collection, where the new album would be premiered in full. He also said that it would be screened in movie theaters internationally.

There are various questions over the identity of Pablo in the album title. It is likely Spanish painter Picasso, whom Kanye West has compared himself to in the past. He is still to confirm, if he ever will. Others have suggested economic icon Pablo Escobar, who is another influence of the rapper.

When February 11 rolled around, fans took to Tidal to listen to the music. With time zones being an issue, some understandably waited for midnight Pacific time. However, they were left disappointed when there was no music and took to Twitter to air their frustrations. Fans shared various memes as a passive aggressive way to make it clear they wanted the music; and they wanted it now.

Kanye West Upsets Fans By Not Releasing Album

It appears that West was not even certain his album was ready for release. At just after midnight, he shared a photo on Twitter of his track list with black dots against some track titles and the question “which one?” If this was after midnight GMT time, it would suggest that the rapper had not even begun to share it through the streaming site.

According to Bustle, Kanye West’s new album is expected around noon time. This announcement is based on rumors, so it could change at any minute. It is possible that the album will drop after the Madison Square Garden event, since it would still technically be February 11 then.

West has so far failed to tweet anybody back about the release of the album. His last post was nine hours ago, sharing the Zine party. His manager has not shared news, either.

It is possible that this is all a publicity stunt. Sharing the possibility of a new album available for streaming gets the name of it out there. Once it is released, his fans will be so excited about it and want to hear it that they are more likely to download the album. It also keeps Kanye West’s name in the limelight, just before the release of The Life of Pablo.

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