Viral Video: Dad Teaches Son A Lesson About Wearing Tight Skinny Jeans

A dad unhappy with his son’s love of low-riding skinny jeans made a video sharing his extreme displeasure with the fashion trend and posted it to YouTube. The skinny jeans video has gone viral, sharing with the world images of the teen attempting to complete common tasks while wedged inside the form-fitting jeans, The Blaze reports.

The teen’s father, Van Hicks is heard throughout the video instructing his son to squat, spin and sit in the below-the-butt skinny jeans before he can leave the house wearing the super-skinny pants.

The skinny-jeans clad teen repeatedly fails at the simple tasks, prompting his father to state off-screen, “I know your nuts hurt,” according to the YouTube viral video. Hicks also laughingly tells his boy that he looks like he “stole a midget’s pants.” Van Hicks does not hold back when chastising his 15-year-old son for wearing pants he feels were designed to fit a 10-year-old, according to Gawker.

The teenage boy in the skinny-jeans video appears to take his fathers directions and comments in a light-hearted manner, laughing along at times. The skinny-jeans comedy video was posted on July 5, but did not start catching fire with viewers until the past few days, according to The Blaze.

After the massive response to the skinny-jeans video, the creative dad started a Facebook page entitled “Say No to Saggin’ Skinny Jeans.” The Facebook page has garnered comments from both teens and parents around the world. The majority of comments from parents applaud the viral video dad’s fun-loving yet firm relationship with his son and salute his willingness to find a way to get his point across about skinny-jeans in a manner which a teen could understand.