'Fast And Furious': Next 3 Movies Laid Out, And Why You Haven't Seen Channing Tatum In One

Fast and Furious is a movie franchise that has accomplished what none other has. As Vin Diesel put it on his Instagram post last week, there have been 10 movies over two decades.

Diesel also gives the dates for the next three instalments: Fast and Furious 8 on April 14, 2017; Fast and Furious 9 on April 19, 2019; and Fast and Furious 10 on April 2, 2021. That is an impressive set of movies that Forbes reports will round out and finish off the movie franchise.

This isn't the first fans have heard of the sequels. Last November, Diesel told Variety that they were creating storylines for a number of characters.

"We've written out storylines for various characters. We've been playing with it for a long time. It's a very rich property and we're committed to treating it with a lot of class."
As for the upcoming Fast and Furious 8, there have been a number of actresses who have been rumored to be joining the cast for the movie. Enstars reports that the most recent actress rumored to being joining the cast is Deepika Padukone, a Bollywood actress.In an interview with Bollywood Life, Padukone said fans would soon find out what she and Diesel are working on.
"You will know soon. He is a friend. And he is someone I am extremely fond of. And more than anything else, he is an amazing person. But about everything else that everyone wants to know, you will know soon."
There has also been speculation about Ronda Rousey and Jordanna Brewster returning to Fast and Furious 8. Last year, Rousey told MTV which female character would be great in Fast and Furious 8, a character she would like to play.
"Joanna [Jedrzejczyk]. She's a chick who just won the 115-pound belt. She's really tiny and skinny, but she's such a little ninja! I think it would be a such a cool addition — someone who looks really unassuming. I know I look good in a Herve Leger dress, but I also look like I could still kill you in it, and Joanna doesn't!"
There is no guarantee that Brewster's character, Mia, will be in Fast and Furious 8, but according to Bustle it sounds like she is considering doing another Fast and Furious movie.
"I don't know [if I'd do another film], but it's always dependent on the fans. If they want one and if there's an appetite for it. We never want to jump the shark!"
Of course, Brewster said that before Fast and Furious 7 was released last April.

With Fast and Furious 7 having been such a hit and sequels being planned, various characters could be back. However, there is one actor who won't be seen in a Fast and Furious movie and that is Channing Tatum. According to GQ Magazine, Tatum spoke Jimmy Kimmel recently about his failed auditions. Apparently, Tatum auditioned for Fast and Furious 3, way back when he was a struggling actor, and he blew it. He actually stopped in the middle of the audition and walked away before he could be rejected.

"I stopped in the middle of the audition, like, 'I think we're done, right?' I blocked it out so I don't remember the specifics, but it was a combination of me being just bad, not remembering the lines, totally freaked out. I was probably sweating a lot. They didn't even try to stop me."

Well, a lot of time has passed so perhaps Channing Tatum can audition again to be in one of the Fast and Furious sequels.

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