Elton John's Impromptu Train Station Concert: He Left His Piano Behind!

Elton John. His name conjures images of decades of flashy performances and music that has lifted people up and entertained in a way no other musician can. Recently, Elton John got together with Matt Lauer of Today and talked about his career and about being a father. John says at this point in his career he is better than it has ever been.

"I am playing and singing better than ever."
But Elton John admits he never expected the career he has had.
"When I started off in a band, I never dreamt of becoming Elton John. All I wanted to be was involved in music, whether it was playing in a band, working in a record store, or doing something to do with music... I never thought this life of mine would exist. It's been an amazing journey."
But his career, as long and illustrious as it has been over the decades, pales in comparison to being a father, Today reports.
"That was the greatest decision I've made — well — we've made, in the last six years, is to have those boys. They're our primary concern. They're the things that come first and foremost."

As for how the boys feel about Elton John's music, well, they are a little more up-to-date than some of dear old dad's music, but Elton says he doesn't mind.

"[Zachary] is very proud of his daddy, but he's more interested in 'Hotline Bling' by Drake or 'Uptown Funk.' They sing 'Rocket Man.' They sing 'Benny and the Jets.'... They know who I am. They know what I do, but they're more interested, to be honest with you, in their toys. And I'm fine with that. That's good."
Elton John just released a new album called Wonderful Crazy Night, and Elysa Gardner of USA Today reviewed the album.
"There's an inspirational feel in much of the material, enhanced by the R&B roots that poke through, sometimes subtle but always solid."
She also remarks that the new album is that of a man who is comfortable in life and with himself.
"Whatever the case, Wonderful Crazy Me has the sound and spirit of a man who's grown comfortable in his own skin, but is still intent on moving forward. Or as John puts it on 'Looking Up,' 'Nowadays I'm thinking that/Life is wasted looking back.'"

Elton John is also going to be appearing on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke, which is incredibly exciting. Daily Mail reports that Corden announced the upcoming appearance of Elton John on his Facebook page, to the delight of many.


There is also a snippet of the fabulous singing the pair at it while driving around in Corden's vehicle.

But perhaps the best thing Elton John has done recently was something very touching he did for his fans in London. He wanted to celebrate the release of his new album and Entertainment Weekly reports that he did it in true Elton John style, by swinging by St Pancras train station and giving an impromptu concert. He even brought a piano with him.

"Surprise!! I popped into St Pancras International to christen the Yamaha piano which I donated to the station. Now everyone can have a play. #WonderfulCrazyNight @RocketEntertainment."
He even left the piano behind as a gift.

"My gift is my song and this piano's for you. @stpancrasinternational @RocketEntertainment #WonderfulCrazyNight."
What a fabulous person and entertainer Sir Elton John is. Fans will greatly enjoy his new album, as well as all his old timeless classics. And there is no doubt his sons will truly appreciate his music one day.

[Photo by Larry Busacca / Getty Images]