Former Female Donald Trump Executive Trashes Him: Here’s Why It Will Help His Chances

Donald Trump has made his share of enemies over the years, even if he does believe that "everybody loves me" line he frequently uses with the press and his supporters.

However, many in the anti-Trump camp were hoping that one of these enemies would speak up and deliver a knockout blow to his campaign.

When former female executive Barbara Res, an employee of Trump's for 18 years, took the bait in a recent op-ed for the New York Daily News, those hopes reached a fever pitch.

Unfortunately for them, what they got was a piece that confirmed Trump's conservative credentials — good for Republicans unsure about sending their vote his way — and questions as to why, if he was such a bad guy to work for, she stayed for as long as she did.

In the end, the Daily News piece could actually help the Donald Trump campaign for the following reasons.

Firstly, it is the New York Daily News.

The NYDN has a reputation in media for being a tabloid newspaper, a sensationalized form of journalism that may or may not always be accurate.

Worse, it's a tabloid newspaper with a left-leaning bent, obvious in some of the controversial covers that it has released over the last year.

Translation: Republicans and Independents — the people Donald Trump needs to win the White House — are going to have a bias against the piece before they ever read it, if they read it.

Had Res published her op-ed in the National Review or on Fox News or Newsmax or even CNN, it might have struck a more crippling blow.

Secondly, she tells conservatives that Donald Trump is the candidate they are looking for.

Opponents of Donald Trump's on the Republican side have made much noise over his centrist, and sometimes liberal, positions over the years as if he is putting on an act to get the GOP nomination and pole-vault Hillary Clinton into the White House.

However, Res has known Trump quite some time, by her own admission, with their working relationship going back to 1980 when he hired her to oversee the construction of Trump Tower.

In her own words, here's what Barbara Res wants you to know in case you're doubting that Donald Trump is a conservative.

"He is against reproductive freedom. He is against raising the minimum wage to a fair and equitable rate. He wants to do away with the Affordable Care Act. He wants to deport unregistered aliens. All of these issues impact women profoundly. Even a cabinet full of women would not mitigate the disastrous effect implementing his proposals would have on the welfare and progress of women in our country. No, Donald Trump is not great for women and therefore not right for the United States."

Run through a Republican filter, Res is saying that Trump is pro-life (with exceptions); for a free market system in which government gives companies the freedom to run their businesses; against government telling doctors how to decide on a patient's health care and penalizing uninsured or underinsured people, who cannot afford healthcare to begin with; and against illegal immigration.

None of that is likely to hurt Donald Trump with GOP voters in a general election or with many Independents.

Thirdly, why did she stay?

It is a fair question. While most people work for, are working for, or have worked for a boss/company they hated in their lives, few would decide to do so for 18 years, especially when they were as marketable as Res seems to be.

She might have had to endure the Donald Trump she describes here for three or four years while she looked for another job — maybe even 10 years max — but if he was the ogre of her op-ed, two decades is far-fetched.

And if she did do so, it says more about her own lack of principles than it does the Donald's. That's at least what Trump is likely to say should he decide to respond to it.

(The op-ed was published a day ago, so keep eyes glued to his Twitter account to see if he does.)

But what do you think, readers? Is this op-ed likely to help Donald Trump in the primaries and general election? Sound off in the comments section below.

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