'The Bachelor' 2016: Ben Higgins Runner-Up's Heart Break Revealed

This season of The Bachelor 2016 is really heating up and Ben Higgins is about to pick his final girl. The previews show that Ben will have a hard time deciding between the final two. Life and Style Magazine shared that Ben Higgins runner-up has a really hard time with not being the pick. This all went down with Ben Higgins back in November, but it is just now airing on television.

Up until the final moment, Ben Higgins was pretty torn on who to pick. Previews already show that Ben will tell two girls that he loves them, which of course is going to lead to heartbreak for the one he doesn't choose. When you hear the words "I love you," then you think you are the final girl for sure. A source is now revealing that the runner-up had to return to the hotel without Ben Higgins and she was totally shattered by this happening. She really did think that she was the one.

Ben Higgins was even heard talking about the girl that he doesn't pick in the end. A source shared what Ben said about the date. "He said it was awesome and he had never seen that side of her. He said he didn't know who he was going to choose." The source said that Ben Higgins actually looked in love with both of the women, but of course in the end he had to pick just one. The witness then went on to explain more about how it went.
"She was so disappointed. She rushed to her room, saying she had to call her mom. By 11:30 the next morning, as Ben celebrated with the winner, the heartbroken contestant still hadn't emerged."
Now that it is a few months later, Ben Higgins seems okay with his choice, at least from what he is telling Life & Style. Ben Higgins spoke out to them talking about how it all turned out.
"Looking back now, it was hard and there's not always a clear answer for [what's] right and wrong. I have to be confident in my decision. I have to be confident."
Hollywood Take shared who Ben Higgins final two have already been revealed. It does look like Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher will be the final two. They are both fan favorites and Ben Higgins is going to have a hard time picking between them. Ben Higgins is going to fall in love with both girls and of course this will be hard for him. Ben will have to choose between them and it looks like this will break the runner-ups heart.
Mike Fleiss does admit that Ben telling both girls he loves them causes some drama, but he was just following his heart. The show needs drama for ratings, but that isn't what they were going for here. Ben just revealed his true feelings for the girls, which is what some other people have probably wanted to do and just didn't. Ben Higgins was very open and real this season, which is great to see. Hopefully, it all works out for him in the end.

Are you shocked to hear how hard it was for Ben Higgins to pick someone in the end? Do you think he will make the right choice or will Ben change his mind later? Sound off in the comments below and don't miss Ben Higgins on The Bachelor on Monday nights on ABC. In just a few short weeks, Ben will pick his final girl and viewers will get to see how it all goes down.

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