How Can Sones Watch Girls' Generation's Lunar New Year Performance At JSTV Spring Festival Gala 2016?

Earlier this year, Sones were ecstatic to hear that Girls' Generation, the K-pop idol group they have a biased admiration for, was invited to perform on Jiangsu TV's JSTV Spring Festival 2016. An even more humbling honor is the fact Girls' Generation was the only K-pop idol group invited to perform for any 2016 Chinese New Year event. The only K-pop act (not group) to actually receive more of an honor was PSY who performed not only at the JSTV Spring Festival 2016 for Jiangsu TV, but for lunar new year specials for Dragon TV and LRTV too.

PSY's honor does not take away from Girls' Generation's whatsoever as they were the second-to-the-last act to close the festivities. It was a fine performance too, especially how Girls' Generation utilized multiple lighted orbs above the stage. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to watch given the show happened at a specific time when most international Sones were probably asleep (especially those living in the western hemisphere). So how can we all watch Girls' Generation's performance at the JSTV Spring Festival 2016?

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Jiangsu TV, the Chinese broadcasting company hosting the special event, understood not everyone would be up to watch the JSTV Spring Festival 2016. Therefore, they uploaded the entire event on their official YouTube channel. The four-hour event was split up into four videos featuring some of China's most popular acts. As mentioned earlier, Girls' Generation's performance was second-to-last, so it was in the fourth video attached below. It officially starts at the 39-minute mark of the video.

Girls' Generation walked onto the stage dressed in outfits inspired by the American 1920s, while color-changing orbs floating above. Sones knew what the first track Girls' Generation would perform was, as the orbs above spelled out "Gee," the title of the most-popular track the K-pop idol group has ever performed and the one considered their breakthrough hit. Afterwards, they introduced themselves to the crowd and even played a game associated with lunar new year festivities when Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, and Yoona (who was the mouthpiece of the group at the time since she is fluent in Mandarin) shot toy arrows with a red envelope attached to them into the crowd for them to catch. Girls' Generation ended their performance with their latest hit, "Lion Heart."

As an extra teaser for Sones, SMTOWN shared through their #Vryl app a behind-the-scenes look at Girls' Generation in action at the JSTV Spring Festival 2016. This included pre-show stage rehearsals, make-up room exclusives, Hyoyeon practicing how to shoot a bow and arrow with the red envelop attached to it, and performance pictures.

Though most people reading this article came to see Girls' Generation's part in the JSTV Spring Festival 2016, it is stressed to actually check out the entire four-hour special if one has the time. Jiangsu TV did a phenomenal job celebrating the lunar new year with Chinese music performances, comedy skits, fun games, and crowd interaction. In short, it was similar to a Korean variety show. Let's not forget that PSY also performed at the JSTV Spring Festival 2016 too. Along with his current hit "Napal Baji," PSY also performed his viral hit of 2012, "Gangnam Style."

[Image via SMTOWN #Vyrl App]