Kim Kardashian Searching For ‘Prefect Groove’ To Balancing Motherhood And Kanye's Temper

Kim Kardashian West has managed to monetize fame better than anyone. The reality star first gained attention as Paris Hilton's gal pal, but she achieved notoriety after a 2003 sex tape with her former boyfriend Ray J was leaked in 2007. Her porn past has not hindered the socialite from amassing a nearly $50 million fortune through endless endorsements, fashion collections, her popular apps, and maintaining A-list status through her high-profile relationships, including her marriage to rapper Kanye West. While it may seem like her life is like an endless pot of gold, Kim - who gave birth to her second chid in December - has revealed that the struggle to raise two babies at the same time more real than she imagined.

In a Wednesday blog post on her website, the sultry mom of 2-and-a-half-year-old daughter North and 2-month-old son Saint reported being awake, "pumping and delirious," at 4 a.m, per TODAY.

"I'm … hiding in my daughter's closet," reads the open line of her update, "because if she sees I snuck out of her bed, she will start to cry AND I think she gave me a cold so I figure no better time to write a #StraightUp [post] than now!"

Kim, North, Kanye
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Mrs. Kanye West explained that she and Kanye were warned by family and friends - who are parents - that parenthood would become that much more hectic with the arrival of a second child.

"My mom would always say, about having kids: 'One is like one, and two are like 20.' I never really understood that until now," the post reads. "It seemed like every time Kanye and I would go out, we would see couples — or really anybody that had kids — and everyone would say, 'Wait until you have two.' Like it's the end of the world! I remember Kanye and I would be like, '[What] are they talking about? Will our lives be the same? Are we going to be OK?!'"

Kim confessed that she "expected" motherhood to get that added boost of drama with the arrival of her son Saint, but she underestimated just how hard it would be.

"When I had North, all I did was feed and sleep," the update reads. "This time around, I get no sleep. Every waking second that I'm not with the baby, I'm with North. I actually think the harder parts aren't with the newborn but with the toddler! I feel like I go into overdrive to give my daughter attention and make her feel loved."

Kardashian and her famous backside appeared on the cover of Paper mag's winter issue in 2014. Photographed by Jean-Paul Goude, the cover of her nude buttocks featured the caption: "Break the Internet," and that it did - as the publication's website received 15.9 million views in one day, compared with 25,000 views on an average day. When he's not raging and ranting and promising to deliver the best music anyone has ever heard, Kanye takes to social media to boast about his wife's infamous derriere. Despite reports that claim he's a "barely there" husband, Kim revealed in her blog that West is a loving and hands-on dad. Additionally, she said her niece Penelope gives North the best advice on how to be a big sister.

"Kanye is super helpful, taking North out to dinners (just them!), and I'm so lucky North looks up to Penelope a lot," the post reads. "She also has a baby brother so she gives North the best advice. I have the cutest video of P giving North a heart to heart about being a good big sister."

Kim, Kanye
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Kim may be gushing about living happily ever with her man, but a source close to the Kardashian clan alleges that she recently met with high-powered divorce attorney Laura Wasser to discuss her options in the event that she and Kanye get a divorce, RadarOnline reports.

"Kim met with Laura over the weekend," said an insider. "She was at breaking point and needed to talk through where she stood with Kanye. They seem to bicker over everything, from how long it takes to get ready, to how much Kanye hates living at her mom Kris' house while their house is being renovated, to his temper, to how much he's away for work."

"Kim's been getting increasingly stressed and unhappy. She's tired all the time and thinks her husband should help out more. She doesn't know how to fix things."
Kim Kardashian concluded her blog post by confirming what all working mothers know: that the demands of motherhood make it impossible to maintain a punctual schedule, but Kim is certain she and Kanye will "soon get into the perfect groove and just figure it out. My mom did, my sister did — and I will, too."

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