Toni Sutton: Teacher 'Heartbroken' By Charge Of 'Very Explicit' Sexual Affair With Teen Student, Pleads Not Guilty

Toni Sutton, a well-liked, 37-year-old volleyball coach and Spanish teacher at Crawford High School in San Diego, California, finds herself behind bars this week after she was charged with two counts of having sexual intercourse with a minor — a male student reportedly just 15-years-old. She also faces nine more felony counts related to the allegation that she repeatedly had sex with the teen boy — charges that could land her in prison for almost 10 years, according to a report in the Times of San Diego newspaper.

In fact, prosecutors say, Sutton carried on a six-month sexual affair with the boy starting in June of last year. During that time, according to the accusations, the Spanish teacher and the boy — whose name has not been made public because he is a minor — performed sex acts in her classroom inside Crawford High, and in her car — as well as at her own home, a home she shares with her boyfriend who has two children from a previous relationship.

Toni Sutton teacher student sexual
Crawford High School in San Diego [Photo via Crawford High School website]According to the lawyer representing the boy, who is reportedly cooperating with the police in the investigation of the now-former teacher who has lived in San Diego for six years and has been an teacher for the past 11 years, Sutton "was manipulative" with the boy, claiming to be suffering from an abusive relationship with her boyfriend and telling the teen that she needed his company for emotional support.

But their relationship quickly became "very explicit," lawyer Dan Gilleon told KGTV News in San Diego.

The defense attorney for Toni Sutton, Kerry Armstrong, painted a very different picture of the accused teacher, however, calling her "the nicest, sweetest lady you'll ever meet in your life. You would never believe she would be charged with something like this."

Armstrong said that Sutton is devastated by the accusations, and is trying to come to terms with the fact that her teaching career is effectively over.

"She started being a teacher in West Virginia, where she grew up, and teaching is her life," Armstrong said. "And obviously, no matter what happens in this case, that's over. She'll never be a teacher again with allegations like this, even if we win this case, so she's heartbroken. She really is."
The news report in the video below contains further details on the Toni Sutton teacher-student sex case.

Gilleon said that the illicit relationship between the student and Sutton began to come to light when Sutton's boyfriend cane home to find the teen leaving his house.

"That's when she was having a hard time answering, why was this kid there at their house," the lawyer said, going on to charge that Sutton, desperate to get ahead of the allegations against her, approached the boy's parents to warn them of the coming accusations against her.

Toni Sutton teacher student sexual
Toni Sutton as she appeared at her arraignment Monday [Photo via KGTV Screen Capture]She assured the parents that the stories were false, Gilleon said, but the boy's parents instead reacted with suspicion. They began scanning the teen's social media accounts and text messages — discovering suggestive communications between their son and the Toni Sutton.

The Toni Sutton teacher-student sex case is just the latest is what appears to be an epidemic of female teachers conducting inappropriate relationships with minor students, both male and female. Several recent examples can be found in the below list of stories on the subject.

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Toni Sutton was arrested on Monday shortly before the end of the school day on Monday at Crawford High School, but was soon released on a $50,000 bond. But then prosecutor Judy Taschner argued to a judge that Sutton might try to flee the area — and the judge agreed. Sutton was then taken back into custody and thrown back in jail, with a bond of $100,000 this time.

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