Future Fires Back After Ciara Threatens $15 Million Lawsuit For Slander

Future has responded to the pending lawsuit against him waged by his ex-fiancé Ciara. On Tuesday, it was reported that Ciara had Future served and planned to hit the rapper with a $15 million lawsuit for slander. Future didn’t take long to respond and he says his baby mama started it first and that’s why he won’t even worry about the claims made against him.

Apparently, a source close to Future told TMZ that he’s not worried about any lawsuit brought on by Ciara. They claim that Ciara took shots first in her 2015 hit “I Bet” and that Future thinks he could sue her back if he wanted. In Ciara’s lyrics, she talks about being cheated on and it’s readily believed that she’s talking about Future in the song.

Ciara’s lawsuit for slander and libel stems from Future’s many recent interviews where he discusses some of the most intimate details of their relationship. The rapper didn’t stop there either. Future has aired plenty of his and Ciara’s dirty laundry on social media over the past year. Ever since Ciara started dating Russell Wilson, Future just can’t seem to stop trashing his baby mama on the internet and everywhere else that he gets a chance.

Things got so bad that Ciara’s lawyer, Tanya Mitchell Graham, has been in communication with Future to ask him why he continues calling Ciara names and talking about her despite the fact that they’ve been broken up for nearly two years now. The Music Times reported that emails exchanged between Ciara’s legal counsel and Future’s attorney Ivory T. White were leaked on the internet, making their legal issues common knowledge.

In recent months, Future has tweeted complaints about Ciara not allowing him to see their son, and he also claimed to be paying $15k per month in child support. Future also claimed on social media that Ciara has “control problems” and even called her a b***h. His Twitter rant almost always follows a Ciara sighting involving her new beau Russell Wilson and their son Baby Future. Ciara came out after the child support claims and issued a statement of her own to dispute his allegations.

Future was also quick to speak up last summer when Wilson made his celibacy vow with Ciara public. Future made several jokes after learning that Russell and Ciara planned to wait until marriage before they had sex. During an interview with HuffPost Live, Future said he didn’t have to wait long at all to get his baby mama in bed. Ciara responded via Twitter after that interview by saying, “Some Person Is So Dishonest and Ignorant That They Don’t Deserve A Response.” She also tweeted, “Furthermore, One’s Main Focus Should Be On Being A Good Parent.”

As the feud between Ciara and Future raged on, her relationship with Russell Wilson grew more and more serious. There have been several times now where Ciara and Baby Future have been spotted out with Russell Wilson. To be honest, Wilson really looks like he’s loving his role as stepdad to Baby Future. That definitely bothers Future and he nearly always responds via social media after a Russell Wilson sighting to say something negative aimed at Ciara.

The feud has been highly documented and it will be hard for Future to prove otherwise. As for Ciara, she’s never really called Future out or talked about the cheating rumors that plagued their relationship right around the time their son was born. Future may not be worried about the pending lawsuit against him, but should he be? One thing is certain in the feud between Future and Ciara: with a lawsuit pending, it’s only going to get uglier between the two entertainers when Ciara probably just wishes that Future would shut his mouth and let her enjoy what looks like a much happier relationship with Russell Wilson.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]