Lisa Vanderpump Points Out Yolanda Foster Made Her Children’s Health A Topic While Eirka Girardi Says She’s Not A Liar

Lisa Vanderpump isn’t buying Yolanda Foster’s argument that the other women of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills shouldn’t talk about her children’s health while filming the show, not because she doesn’t care about Bella and Anwar Hadid, but because it was Yolanda herself who first brought up the subject. In her blog post recapping Tuesday night’s episode, Lisa pointed out that Yolanda made her children’s health a topic of discussion. Meanwhile, Yolanda’s friend, Erika Girardi, wrote in her own blog that she is not a liar.

Lisa wrote that she would never talk about somebody’s children, especially when it comes to their health, on a reality TV show but she was asked for her perspective on the issue after Yolanda herself made it a topic of conversation, not once but twice.

“I would never bring somebody’s children (especially their health) into this very public forum, but Yolanda did…twice…of her OWN volition…She has stated don’t bring my kids into this, but she did, twice. At the barbecue, I was asked questions about my perspective, having known the family for years. My understanding was they were healthy until Yolanda informed me otherwise. What else was I supposed to do? Lie? Say I knew nothing? I tried to shut it down, reticent to indulge in a conversation that was really none of my business.”

Lisa, seemingly questioning Yolanda’s decision to talk about her children’s health on the show, wrote that while her own children, Max and Pandora, have opened up their own their lives to viewers to an extent, she has never revealed personal details about their health and physicality.

“My children have opened their lives to some extent…but not once have I revealed personal details about their health and physicality. If they were struggling, it would be their choice if they chose to share it in this incredibly public domain–one that has a ripple effect, as articles and blogs are created from what is documented.”

Lisa also addressed Yolanda’s suggestion that she doesn’t really love Bella and Anwar as much as she claims.

“I have loved those children and seeing them prosper from the show and reach their goals has made me very happy, and I am deeply saddened that anyone would think I had nothing but good intentions for them.”

As for Erika Girardi, Lisa said that she “exacerbated a contentious situation” by “grossly overstat[ing] [her] intent.” Lisa also wrote that it would have been easier for Erika to admit her role in the entire drama regarding who told Yolanda.

While Lisa Vanderpump didn’t outright call Erika Giradi a liar, others seem to have. In her blog post, Erika said that she’s not a liar. She wrote that she never told Yolanda Foster that it was Lisa Rinna who talked about her children’s health. Yet in regards to her denying any involvement and shutting the conversation down when confronted by Lisa R. after her performance, Erika did not explain why she didn’t tell the truth then. Erika simply said that Yolanda had a right to know and that the other women shouldn’t even be talking about her children.

“After mulling it over and being the great detectives they are, they realize it’s me who told Yolanda what happened at the BBQ. So what? She’s my friend, she asked what happened, and I told her. Let’s not try to shift the blame on to me in order to detract from their behavior (Munchausen, kids, etc.)…As far as me ‘shutting down’ this conversation…yes it should be shut down, the whole thing. No more talking about the validity of Yolanda’s illness and no more talking about her children’s health. This is not acceptable and it is not the way ‘friends’ treat each other.”

On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda Foster confronted Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump about talking about her children’s health at Kyle’s BBQ. Yolanda accused Lisa of saying that Bella and Anwar do not have Lyme disease and offered to show her their medical files as proof. Lisa said that she did not say that, but when asked about the children, only repeated what the children’s father, Yolanda’s ex Mohamed Hadid, told her, which is that they were fine. Yolanda, not backing down, said that it was Lisa Rinna who told her that Lisa V. said that Bella and Anwar don’t have Lyme disease.

When Kyle later confronted her, Lisa R. explained that she only confirmed to Yolanda that Lisa V. and Kyle discussed the subject at the BBQ, but never said that Lisa V. said that Bella and Anwar don’t have Lyme disease. After Lisa R. figured out that it was Erika who told Yolanda that Lisa V. questioned Bella and Anwar’s Lyme diagnoses, she and the other housewives confronted Erika after watching her performance in a club. Erika denied any involvement. In her interview, Erika admitted that she was the one who told Yolanda such information, but explained that she simply didn’t want to talk about it at that moment.

Things may get particular nasty when it comes time to film the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show, not so much between Lisa Vanderpump and Erika Girardi but between Yolanda Foster and Lisa Rinna. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, both Yolanda and Lisa R. on Wednesday morning threw jabs at one another on Twitter.

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