Sonic Adventure 2 HD Re-Release Coming to XBLA, PSN This Year

Sega has announced that Sonic Adventure 2, otherwise known as the last Sonic game that could be considered good before Sonic Generations came out, will be getting a re-release on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network complete with an HD makeover.

If you’re experiencing a little deja vu, that’s because we already knew that Sonic Adventure 2 was getting the HD re-release treatment thanks to Microsoft jumping the gun and posting a listing over on the Xbox Marketplace before it was actually announced. Oops!

The official reveal of Sonic Adventure 2 HD happened back at San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend during the company’s “Sonic Boom” event. While the company didn’t share a specific release date, we do know that it will be coming out sometime around fall. Assuming the listing that popped up is correct, then it should release around October.

It’s not known what sort of new features, if any, Sega plans to introduce with the Sonic Adventure 2 HD re-release, but you can at least expect your obligatory achievement/trophy and leaderboard support. And, of course, HD visuals.

Sonic Adventure 2 is the latest in a series of Dreamcast-era games that Sega has been giving the HD re-release treatment. First we heard word of Jet Set Radio getting HD-ified, and more recently Sega announced that NiGHTS will be re-released as well.