February 10, 2016
WWE Rumors: John Cena Is Going To Finally Turn Heel, And It's For A Weird Reason

John Cena has not just been a babyface for years in WWE, but he's been the ultimate babyface. It's been a long time since his "Doctor of Thugonomics" days and when he was able to pull off being the heel. For a long time though, it's been thought that WWE may end up trying to have him turn on the fans once again, but never would. Now, a John Cena heel turn may be coming soon and it's all because merchandise sales have been low.

Currently, John Cena is on the shelf due to having shoulder surgery and he's currently rehabbing, but it's about 95 percent certain to keep him out of WrestleMania 32. That doesn't mean that WWE is taking a break on coming up with plans for him though.

Forbes is reporting that a number of ideas are being tossed around for when Cena does return to the ring in a few months, and one of them is a major change for the hero of WWE. Could the company finally pull the trigger and turn John Cena heel?

For years and years, WWE was never going to turn Cena heel because of two main reasons.

  1. His incredible work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation
  2. His merchandise sales always being so incredibly high
Now, WWE has had to deal with some sagging television ratings in recent months and merchandise sales aren't at an all-time high for him. There's a good reason for that though, and it's with the emergence of other big-time babyfaces within the company.

Roman Reigns is now being accepted. Dean Ambrose is way over with the fans. Brock Lesnar can do no wrong. AJ Styles is on the scene, and he was already over, but casual fans are learning of him too. The Lucha Dragons, The New Day, and countless others are selling merchandise.

john cena heel turn wwe rumors
[Image via WWE]With all of those merchandise sales going strong, there are also a number of big-time babyfaces in that group. That helps in trying to have another savior and face for WWE if they wanted to make the big heel turn that so many have wanted for so long.

John Cena already gets seriously mixed crowd reactions wherever he goes, and in some places, he's booed out of the building. Making him a heel would not only give his character a fresh new coat of paint, but could breathe new life into the WWE main roster.

The heel turn of John Cena would immediately be a huge angle that would honestly be along the lines of one of the biggest turns in wrestling history. Anyone that has watched wrestling knows of the infamous Hulk Hogan heel turn at Bash at the Beach 1996 when the nWo was formed.

wwe rumors john cena heel turn hulk hogan nwo
[Image via WWE]Not only did the wrestling world get a boost from this shocking heel turn, but it started the "Monday Night Wars." It also began one of the biggest and most popular eras in wrestling that has ever existed throughout time.

Wrestling Rumors is reporting that John Cena's merchandise sales being down is coming from the wrestler getting older and his fans doing the same. It means they are buying less and some children are latching onto other popular wrestlers too.

Stepping away from the ring and the TV cameras, John Cena could still successfully do his Make-A-Wish work even if he turned heel on camera. It wouldn't hurt him at all because he's still a great person out of character.

The drop in his merchandise sales though...that is helping the WWE's decision to do something that has been rumored for a very long time and it is to turn John Cena heel. It could make for great TV and would instantly boost ratings because it would not just be a change, but it would be something totally and drastically different.

[Image via WWE]