Nina Dobrev Gets Blamed For Ian Somerhalder's Lack Of A Baby, Possibly Splits From Austin Stowell [Rumor]

Is Nina Dobrev really the reason why Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed don't have a baby yet? Nina was recently blamed for wreaking havoc on Ian and Nikki's marriage by posting bikini photos of herself online, and now recent reports suggest that Ian isn't trying to have a baby with Nikki because he's holding out hope that he and Nina will get back together. This rumor might be a bit hard to believe, but it is looking more and more likely that Nina Dobrev is a single lady once again.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Ian Somerhalder doesn't want to get Nikki Reed pregnant "just in case he decides he does want to get back together with Nina Dobrev." The only "evidence" the webloid provides to support this accusation is its opinion that Ian has been "playing coy and dodging the parental questions like a pro." However, during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ian confirmed that he and Nikki are "absolutely" trying to make a baby together, and he revealed that he thinks babies are the "coolest little things in the world."

Celeb Dirty Laundry speculates that Ian Somerhalder is purposely putting off having kids because this would tie him to Nikki Reed in a way that his marriage vows did not. If he decided to end his marriage to Nikki in hopes of winning Nina Dobrev back, he wouldn't have to talk to the Twilight star ever again once their divorce was finalized. However, kids complicate things—when exes share custody of a child, it's pretty difficult for them to avoid dealing with each other.

It's important to note that Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed have only been married for a little over nine months, and it's not unusual for married couples to wait years before having kids. Perhaps Nikki and Ian have simply enjoyed being together so much that it's taken a while for them to decide that they're ready to share one another with a very demanding little human.

Celeb Dirty Laundry also recently tried to claim that Nina Dobrev is actively trying to ruin Ian and Nikki's seemingly perfect union by "flaunting her amazing little bikini body all over social media" in hopes that Ian Somerhalder will realize that he regrets choosing Nikki over her. However, there might be another reason Nina is sharing pictures like these—perhaps she's trying to put on a happy front while she recovers from the post-breakup blues.

Nina Dobrev started dating Austin Stowell last October, but it's been quite some time since The Vampires Diaries star and the Bridge of Spies actor have been spotted together. According to E! News, Austin did attend Nina's emoji-themed 27th birthday bash early last month, but Nina stopped sharing cute social media photos of her boyfriend after he attended the party dressed like a panda emoji.

It's suspicious that it's been weeks since Nina Dobrev hasn't posted any photos of Austin Stowell because she shared cute photos of the new man in her life on a pretty regular basis before mysteriously stopping after her birthday. They included the snapshot below that was taken around Christmastime.Nina also shared the picture below that was taken during a ski trip.These days, Nina Dobrev's Instagram page is loaded with pictures that show her hanging out with her close friends, and Austin Stowell is nowhere to be seen in any of these photos. As E! News reports, Nina took a "girls' trip" to Hawaii late last month, and it's possible that this was some sort of post-breakup gal pal getaway. Photos like the one below sparked the rumors that Nina was using her bikini bod to try to make Ian Somerhalder jealous.According to Just Jared, Nina Dobrev attended the Super Bowl on Sunday, but it looks like Austin Stowell didn't accompany her to the big game. Instead, Nina hung out with BFF Julianne Hough. A few days before the game, Nina starred alongside Tim Tebow on Lip Sync Battle, and she wasn't acting like a girl with a boyfriend when she danced up against Tebow during a performance of Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On."On the day of the Super Bowl, Austin revealed that he was hanging out with a group of friends elsewhere, and many of his Instagram followers freaked out—they wanted to know why he wasn't at the game with Nina, and they asked Austin if he and The Vampire Diaries star are no longer together. However, Austin didn't respond to the queries of concerned Stobrev shippers.
If Nina Dobrev is potentially available again, do you think Ian Somerhalder will actually care, or is it ridiculous to believe that he's still smitten with Nina now that he's married to Nikki Reed and talking about starting a family with his wife?

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