Perrie Edwards Gets Mom Support From Gigi Hadid’s And Zayn Malik’s Mothers

Perrie Edwards and Little Mix are getting ready to see if they won their nominations for the BRIT Awards, and their fans are singing their praises for the new “Secret Love Song” video with Jason Derulo.

However, behind the scenes, Perrie Edwards is finally getting rid of her Zayn Malik baggage — and there are rumors that she might be dating someone new soon.

Even more interesting, Perrie Edwards was replaced by Gigi Hadid in Zayn Malik’s life — but Gigi’s mom and Zayn’s mom are speaking up for Perrie.

Perrie Edwards has moved on from Zayn Malik, but the mothers of Gigi and Zayn insinuate that they wish Perrie and Zayn were still together. (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images)

The Sun reported on February 7 that Perrie Edwards finally moved out of the home that she and Zayn Malik bought to live in together. Perrie Edwards’ former North London home, estimated at £5 million, is now vacant since Zayn Malik is in Los Angeles.

Now, Perrie Edwards is in Surrey in a four-bedroom home that is estimated at £1 million — and feeling much better. Perrie Edwards’ new property overlooks a forest and trimmed-up backyard, and insiders stated the following about her move.

“Perrie buying her own property is the biggest sign yet she’s finally over Zayn and ready to move on.”

In the meantime, Zayn Malik is making sure that he does not step on Perrie Edwards’ toes — which is interesting since he tried to kick her out of the North London mansion. J-14 and others stated that Zayn Malik canceled a performance so he would not interfere with Perrie Edwards’ music career, but he later denied that was true.

Nevertheless, Perrie Edwards will not be lonely at her new home, and she has a lot of pets to keep her company. An animal lover at large, M Magazine posted a picture with Perrie Edwards cuddling up to a puppy while filming with Little Mix.

Of course, breaking up with Zayn Malik will change things in Perrie Edwards’ future — especially with tour. Teen Vogue quoted Perrie Edwards interviewing with Good Morning Britain stating the following about how being in a relationship with Zayn Malik affected her on tour.

“On the last tour, I would just go straight to my bunk, I wouldn’t go out, I wouldn’t party or anything.”

Interestingly, there is another person in Zayn Malik’s life that may think he is stinky with relationships, and thinks the way Zayn treated Perrie Edwards was sub-par.

Unreality TV reveals that Gigi Hadid’s mother, Yolanda Foster, does not like Zayn Malik and says he “relishes the fame his relationship with Gigi gives him,” according to insiders.

Worse, Zayn Malik’s mom is not a fan of Gigi Hadid — and Zayn’s mom still misses Perrie Edwards. Zayn’s mom allegedly misses being close to Perrie Edwards and her family and is not sure if Gigi Hadid was raised the same way as Zayn Malik.

Perrie Edwards may not be with Claudimar Neto, but she is unlikely to stay single in 2016.
Perrie Edwards is single for now, but may find romance in 2016 with or without Claudimar Neto. (Picture by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Unfortunately, Perrie Edwards has appeared to move on in other ways from her relationship with Zayn Malik, and it might be hard to win her back.

Chronicle Live reported that Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall may have started dating Jed Elliott, and Perrie Edwards may also be dating someone new.

SugarScape points out that it is likely that Perrie Edwards and Claudimar Neto (Little Mix’s backup dancer) are just friends, but they do happen to be pictured together a lot, according to the Daily Mail.

Although it is still undetermined if Perrie Edwards is hooking up with Claudimar Neto, she has been particularly flirtatious with Rihanna. The Daily Star reports that Perrie Edwards said the following about having Rihanna collaborate with Little Mix.

“Could you imagine if we just went up to Rihanna and were like: ‘Hey, do you fancy doing a tune with us?’ That would be amazing.”

[Picture by Matthew Horwood/Stringer/Getty Images]