Science And Superheroes: Has Science Reached The Point Where We Can Create Our Own Superheroes?

As science progresses into the future, the lines of science fiction and science fact become more blurry than they were a generation ago. With all the advances in medicine and robotics, has science finally reached a point where superheroes could leap off the comic book pages and become real?

Types Of Superheroes

  • Metahumans – Humans who have had their body altered to become more than human. Examples include Deadpool, Wolverine, Captain America, Flash, and Firestorm
  • Technologically Enhanced Humans – Humans who have adapted technology to save the world. Examples include Batman, Green Arrow, and Iron Man.
  • Mutants – Humans who have ended up being exposed to something that caused an extreme genetic mutation. Being born with a genetic mutation is also part of this category. Examples include Spider-Man and X-Men
  • Robots – This category includes humans who have been merged with robots or robots built with extreme artificial intelligence. Examples include Cyborg, and Brainiac.
  • Aliens/Gods – These heroes are not from this planet or were created by Gods. Examples include Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, Thor

How Science Is Creating Metahumans

Advances in medical technology have allowed us to cure diseases and increase the human lifespan. Currently, science is working on the ability to print organs for transplant, reverse ageing and allow cells in the body to regenerate. Cellular regeneration is a staple of superheroes such as Wolverine and Deadpool. Both having been experimented on in the Weapon X program, their bodies are capable of things that normal humans are not. One day, humans may be equipped with superhuman healing capabilities that were only dreamed of a generation ago.

How Science Is Creating Technologically Enhanced Humans

At some point, every boy has dreamed of being Batman. As we know, Batman is just a regular person who happens to be lucky enough to have more money than he knows what to do with. He has been able to use his money to buy or create the technology he needs to fight crime. Exoskeletons similar to the Iron Man suit are being created to assist people with huge disabilities. This technology is being used to help paralyzed people walk, and is also being used in the military to allow humans to carry much more weight than is possible without help. These exoskeletons can’t fly, yet, but jet pack technology is also being worked on.

How Science Is Creating Robots

Similar to the previous entry, robotics being interwoven with humans is already happening. The technology is just going to get better as the years progress. Again, this technology is being used for people with disabilities. Computer chips are being inserted into prosthetics that allow an amputee to have a limb that is as fully functioning as a real one. Advances in robotics and cyborg technology is not limited to people with disabilities. Scientists are working on putting computer chips in contact lenses that would give people a type of augmented vision that would allow them to see better than could ever be imagined.

How Science Is Creating Mutants

Genetic manipulation is finally here. Scientists have such an amazing understanding of the human genome that we are now to the point where we can genetically design our offspring. We may not have the ability to create mutants like seen in the X-Men yet, but we will soon be able to tell a geneticist what traits we want in a child. Sex, height, strength, athletic ability, and intelligence are just some of the things we will have control over. The ethics of genetic manipulation are now being discussed. Will we be allowed to create an essential super race of humans instead of leaving the genetic make-up to chance?

How Science Is Creating Aliens/Gods

Well, science is not quite there at this point in human history, but who knows what aliens are out in the universe that we have not met.

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