Valentine’s Day 2016: Best Original And Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Your Wife Or Girlfriend

Valentine’s Day 2016 is nearly here, and men searching for a great original gift for the wife or girlfriend will have plenty of choices, from a mail-order stylist to some throwback coloring books.

While you can always fall back on a grocery store-bought box of chocolates or a dozen red roses, Valentine’s Day is a great chance to shine and impress your wife or girlfriend with a truly unique gift. The little bit of extra planning it takes can make the difference between a Valentine’s Day to remember and a gift that will be in the trash by the end of the month.

Those still searching for a great Valentine’s Day 2016 gift idea can give one of these a try:

Trunk Club

This is a great Valentine’s Day gift for the fashion-conscious woman who needs a little help finding her best style. Trunk Club is the latest in the mail-order specialty trends, but unlike the “makeup of the month”-style companies like Birch Box, this is an entire wardrobe delivered right to your door.

You start by filling out a survey and then talking to a style consultant about your wife or girlfriend’s style, size, and preferences (you might want to save this portion until after Valentine’s Day so she can help, unless you’ve got a really good beat on what she likes). She then receives a trunk in the mail with a handpicked selection of clothes from premium brands. You keep what you want and send back the rest within 10 days.

Trunk Club starts at $100.


macaroon_soph on Instagram says “Old school toys are always the best” — we definitely agree!!

— RetroViewer (@Image3Dusa) January 12, 2016

This is a great combination of nostalgia and sentiment. It copies the old ViewMaster that you likely used as a kid, but you get to pick the pictures yourself, including your wife or girlfriend’s Instagram shots. As the company’s Facebook page attests to, this is a great and creative way to propose when the time has come.

The RetroViewer comes complete for just $29.95. A full pricing list can be found here (delivery can take a few days, so you need to hurry on this one).

Adult coloring books

They’re fun, they’re therapeutic, and they help bring you back to a time when all that mattered was playing outside with your friends and making it home in time for dinner.

There’s a good reason that adult coloring books have taken off, especially with millennials. If your wife or girlfriend hasn’t already been introduced to them, this could be a great chance to surprise her with one of the hottest Valentine’s Day 2016 gift ideas.

“Adult coloring is absolutely a growing trend and consumers are really taking to the idea,” Matthew Lore of The Experiment publishing group wrote in an email to CNN. “Not only is it calming and good for your health, it’s just fun! The demand is increasing exponentially as the word spreads.”

CNN has a list of the most popular adult coloring books.

If all else fails, just raid her Pinterest board

Are you all out of ideas (or maybe money) for finding a gift. One of the best ways to find great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day 2016 for the wife or girlfriend is to go right to the source. A woman’s Pinterest page is the internet manifestation of her inner dreams, a place where she pins all the gift ideas she’ll never actually buy for herself. If she’s got Pinterest, now is the time to give it a good look to find out gift ideas or even her favorite colors. Find a good one and you’ll earn major points.

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