June 29, 2017
Woman's Body Found In Car That Was Parked In Walmart Parking Lot For Months


The body of a young woman was recently found in a car in a parking lot of a Walmart in Northern California. It's a sad and tragic tale that ended with 22-year-old Lauren Jessie Moss dead, but there's so much more to this whole thing. Her body actually lay in the parked car sitting in Walmart's parking lot for three months before anyone even noticed.

According to Press Democrat, Moss was found dead in her vehicle in the Walmart parking lot in Salinas, California, on Feb. 3. She had not been seen alive since Nov. 13 in Seaside, California, which is the same day that she left a rehab facility.

The Volkswagon Jetta was parked at the Walmart near East Boronda Road and North Main Street for three months, and no one ever seemed to notice.

The Seaside Police Department did open a missing persons case for Lauren Jessie Moss back in November after she was reported missing. Nothing ever came of the search and eventually it was called off with her not being found.

volkswagon jetta walmart california body
[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]According to KSBW-TV, the vehicle had windows that are dark-tinted and the sunshade was covering the front windshield and dashboard. It wasn't really possible for someone passing by to spot anyone inside at all.

It's not exactly confirmed how someone finally realized that Moss' body was in her vehicle. Police have released information stating that a few employees of the Walmart store ended up finding her body in the car.

Footage from Walmart security tapes was reviewed by authorities, and they learned that the Jetta had been parked in the same spot since December.

Police have said that a coroner has not yet determined the cause of death for Lauren Jessie Moss, but some are believing that she may have taken her own life. A suicide note was left behind and there was also a drug needle located in the car.

lauren jessie moss body found walmart parking lot car
[Image via Department of Motor Vehicles]According to NOLA, a spokesman for Walmart did say that the parking lot and store does not have overnight patrol from any personnel. They do have 24-hour surveillance cameras, but unless someone is watching them at all times, then not everything is always noticed.

The suicide note left behind was for Moss' family. Her sister believes that Moss injected herself with drugs while sitting in her car in the Walmart parking lot and likely died a short time later.

Someone passing away and not being found for long periods of time isn't as uncommon as one may think.

In October of last year, the body of Toni Anderson was found in her mobile home after she had been dead for close to a year. WTVR reported that a concerned neighbor had not seen Anderson for some time and climbed through a window to check on her.

Anderson had lived alone and had a job where no one would have necessarily reported her missing if she didn't show up. The 52-year-old woman was said to have died from natural causes and no neighbors really noticed either as her nearest one was about 1,000 feet away.

Upon arriving at her trailer, the neighbor knocked and no one answered at the back door. He climbed in through a window and called out for her, but then found her shortly thereafter. Dated materials in her home and some calendars made police believe she died about a year prior.

The discovery of the body of Lauren Jessie Moss is another tragic story of someone who had their life end far too soon. Her family and friends had searched for her when she went missing, and had no way of knowing that she was simply in her car in a Walmart parking lot.

[Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]