Blizzard Considering Giving Away ‘World of Warcraft’ Expansions, Game Time With ‘Warcraft’ Movie Tickets

According to a recent survey sent out by Blizzard Entertainment, moviegoers that purchase a ticket to the upcoming Warcraft movie may also receive all the current World of Warcraft expansions. Although the promotion is not official yet, buyers of a Warcraft movie ticket would receive the game’s current five expansions in addition to one month of game time and an in-game item.

The survey, which went out to several World of Warcraft players, simply asked if an “Ultimate Movie Edition” of World of Warcraft would be of an interest. The details of the survey first appeared on the game’s popular subreddit via Reddit, but was first met with hesitation. A blaring typo in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion title led many viewers to assume the survey was a phishing attempt. Fortunately, a Blizzard representative was quick to confirm that the survey is legitimate and that Blizzard is considering the promotion for the movie’s release.

Dalaran in the Warcraft movie [Image via]

With this potential promotion, people that purchase a movie ticket to see Warcraft would also receive the first five expansions to the MMORPG, a one month subscription to the game, and an exclusive in-game item for free. As Gamespot notes, the survey specifically leaves out the base World of Warcraft client. Although anyone can download and play World of Warcraft right now up to level 20. A base game client purchase and subscription is required to experience content beyond level 20. Not to mention, the base game now comes with all content up to, but not including, Warlords of Draenor, the most recent expansion.

Of course, the survey does not mean that this promotion will exist when the Warcraft movie releases on June 10. Blizzard is merely considering the notion at this point. More information on the promotion, if the developer decides to proceed with it, will likely be available at a later date. The Warcraft movie takes place in before the First War in the franchise’s lore. During this time humans and orcs meet after the orcs begin to flee their home world. Their arrival to Azeroth is met with great opposition from humans worried that the orc race means nothing but destruction to their world. Find out more about the Warcraft movie on the official website.

Varian Wrynn in the Legion cinematic [Image via Blizzard Entertainment]

The Warcraft franchise started as a real-time strategy title kicking off thousands of years of lore in the property’s universe. Now, the most popular entry of games based on the background is a massively multiplayer online role playing game called World of Warcraft. The 11-year-old game has five major expansions currently available each increasing the game’s level cap while exploring new content. The latest expansion, Warlords of Draenor, even explored an alternate timeline in the franchise’s plot.

As The Inquisitr reported, World of Warcraft consistently provides players with a rotation of Bonus Events each week in addition to the game’s returning monthly and annual events. Although the game’s sixth expansion is not scheduled to release until summer 2016, many players can find plenty of activity in the game’s existing content. The Lunar Festival is going on right now giving players a chance to honor their elders. Visit locations all over Azeroth and Northrend to earn Coins of Ancestry that can be spent on things like pets, toys, and other items.

The Big Love Rocket in World of Warcraft [Image via Blizzard Entertainment]

On February 15, the Valentine’s Day event in World of Warcraft begins. The Love is in the Air event gives players another chance to loot the rather rare Big Love Rocket in addition to pets, epic necklaces, toys, and even a few items fit for transmogrification. Both events in February are also a means to unlock powerful heirloom items that scale with a player as it levels. These items can be claimed as many times as the player wants on their account after they are unlocked.

This week’s Bonus Event in World of Warcraft tasks players with completing dungeons from the Warlords of Draenor expansion. According to the website, the event offers additional reputation with certain factions from the expansion depending on which dungeon is completed. The Bonus Event will end on February 15 with the next event starting on February 17.

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