June 29, 2017
Kanye West's 'YEEZY Season 3' Streams New Album And Fashion Show Live On Tidal On February 11 -- Here's The Free Link

Kanye West is causing a ruckus on Twitter. One day after Kanye proclaimed that Bill Cosby was innocent, West announced on Twitter that Kanye's "YEEZY Season 3" fashion show and new album would stream live on Tidal on February 11, at 4 p.m. ET. The good news brought by Kanye is that folks don't need to pay for a Tidal account to watch his fashion show and to listen to this new album.

YEEZY Season 3. 2/11 4PM ET. . Livestream for ALL on TIDAL.
According to the Madison Square Garden, where the "YEEZY Season 3" fashion show and new album listening party will be held, Kanye will all at once reveal his new clothing line's collection and reveal his new album.
"On February 11, 2016 at 4pm EST, Kanye West will broadcast - direct from Madison Square Garden in New York City to 700 cinema screens in 23 countries around the world - a unique cross-disciplinary world premiere: the simultaneous unveiling of the YEEZY Season 3 collection and the global premiere of his new album. The presentation will be accompanied by a visual performance with the artist Vanessa Beecroft. The February 2015 presentation of YEEZY Season 1 introduced the now legendary adidas originals YEEZY 350 Boost, and immediately tallied the most views for a collection ever."
With the Madison Square Garden venue in New York City listing a price range of "YEEZY Season 3" tickets running from $50.00 - $135.00, some folks are complaining on Twitter that they paid $100 on "YEEZY Season 3" livestream tickets already -- and now West is streaming it on Twitter.
Meanwhile, reading through Kanye's tweets about the event is a lesson in being fascinated. West tweeted a text message conversation with West asking someone -- presumably Kanye's assistant Tracy -- to invite every awesome wrestler, like Rick Flair and Hulk Hogan. There's a note about inviting Phil Jackson, and an interesting tweet saying that Michael Jordan declined the invite to the "YEEZY Season 3" event. That's when Kanye apparently moved on, asking to invite Minister Louis Farrakhan -- and singer-songwriter FKA twigs. How's that for two "F" named people of a totally different vein?
Kanye also tweeted a message that no one should ask him anything until Monday, with West sounding overwhelmed with show preparations, and not wanting any tweets or text messages in the meantime.
Of course, that diva-like moment for Kanye led to joking accounts asking West what he thought Seinfeld would be like if the show still ran today.
Kanye kept his Twitter followers entertained with seating charts for his "YEEZY Season 3" show, which prompted plenty of West's followers to ask where their seats will be, in hopes that their jokes might win them a free seat to the big Yeezy show.
West even tweeted a video showing the "YEEZY Season 3" invite, which appears to be shrink-wrapped -- or either shrinks upon opening.
For some reason, Kanye also tweeted what could be new emojis from the Kim Kardashian-West app, which states "Kylie was here" and next to it shows a rendering of Kim's famous crying face. On episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim is shown advising Kylie on how to act when she walks in Kanye's show -- and Kylie is shown being pretty happy that she could participate in West's show. Kim wanted Kylie to act professionally, and to put down her phone a bit and not bring so many of her friends around, because Kim warned Kylie that Kanye was really serious about his fashion shows.
Beyond all those entertaining tweets from Kanye's feed about his "YEEZY Season 3" livestream are tweets from other folks looking forward to the fashion show in funny ways, using funny memes and cartoons to display their excitement.
Kanye has appeared at previous Fashion Week shows in New York, with West's Adidas Yeezy Boost being honored at other award shows.

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