Tom Hardy’s Nude Role Is In A Film ‘Packed With Darkness And Spirited Characters’

On the surface, Taboo seems fairly innocuous as it attempts to tell the tale of James Keziah Delaney, played by Tom Hardy, as he builds his own empire amid the trials of 19th century life. Even the revelation that Delaney would build that empire using the stash of diamonds he obtained through nefarious means while in Africa isn’t very alarming, considering what other programs are available on prime time television and on streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

There’s just one more factor that might raise an eyebrow or two. Tom Hardy’s character will return from Africa in a rowboat, wearing ceremonial beads and tribal tattoos. Nothing else.

Taboo Presents Tom Hardy As Few Have Seen Him Before…Nude

The plot of Taboo is fairly straightforward with Hardy’s character returning home from a trip to Africa to both establish his future empire, and more importantly, to avenge his father’s death.

The eight-part dramatic series, which will air in the United States on FX and on BBC in the U.K., was co-written by Tom’s father Chips Hardy and Steve Knight (Eastern Promises, Burnt), along with Tom Hardy himself.

One might ask why Mr. Hardy’s character would arrive home in the buff, while toting around a satchel filled with diamonds. After all, surely he could spare just one gem to purchase shoes and pants, at the very least. Then again, it’s not like this is the first time Tom has bared his body for art. He also appeared nude in the 2011 short film, Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother and also in Bronson (2008).

Tom Hardy Is Inspiring On The Set Of Taboo

Stephen Graham, a renowned Liverpool actor and co-star to Tom Hardy on Taboo, says he finds great motivation in working with Tom and reveals that it’s also a great conversation starter. Although Graham comes to Taboo straight from working on the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film, it’s the mention of Mr. Hardy that get’s the local women intrigued.

“[When I say] I’m filming Taboo at the minute with Tom Hardy, you see all the ladies’ eyes raise – my missus is exactly the same!”

Although the mention of his name sends female fans into a frenzy, Stephen says Hardy is much more than a celebrity to him.

“I’ve been close friends with Tom for a good few years now. And it’s very insightful and it’s a great honour to be working with someone like that,” Graham reveals. “Tom’s an amazing inspiration.”

Although the Liverpool performer is on friendly terms with such heavy hitters as Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, and director Martin Scorsese, he says no one inspires him in quite the way that Tom Hardy does. He finds even more to admire Tom about in the fact that he’s currently filling so many professional roles. For Taboo, Tom is the executive producer and lead actor, as well as one of the writers. Meanwhile, the Hollywood A-lister is also balancing the responsibilities of being a new father at home.

Stephen says he feels “very blessed” at this juncture in his career with so many potential blockbusters and television hits on his resume, but he adds that it doesn’t come down to mere luck or talent. Instead, the actor credits hard work for the steady influx of roles and the success he’s enjoyed thus far.

“You put everything into your craft, and learning about the craft, it’s all about expression and it’s great for me to be working with these people,” says Graham. “I love my job and I’m very blessed to be in the position I’m in.”

He adds that happiness in one’s career is the key to being successful.

Taboo is expected to debut on FX and BBC in the summer.

[Image by John Phillips/Getty Images]