‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Updates With New, Returning Valentine’s Day Content For ‘GTA Online’

GTA Online players have a few new toys to purchase with today’s “Be My Valentine” update. The new content celebrates the romantic holiday with an updated Albany Roosevelt Valor, a plethora of new clothing options, and a new Adversary Mode coming this Friday. Additionally, content from the game’s previous Valentine’s Day event is back as well.

In keeping with the theme of romance and violence, the new and returning items are reminiscent of the infamous Bonnie and Clyde. Early 1900s attire for both male and female characters is now available for players to purchase throughout GTA Online according to the Rockstar Games website. The new content from the “Be My Valentine” update contains more than 70 new clothing items. Players can purchase items like suits, dresses, vests, bustiers, and more. Not to mention, the Legendary Motorsport website in-game now includes the Albany Roosevelt Valor, a modern vehicle with a quite antiquated look. These new items are available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Those roaming the streets of Los Santos will also be happy to know that previously available Valentine’s Day content is returning for the holiday as well. Clothing, hairstyles, and masks from the 2014 “Valentine’s Day Massacre Special” are back. Even more clothing options are part of that returning content in addition to the original Albany Roosevelt and the machine gun, Gusenberg Sweeper. These restored items will appear in GTA Online for players on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

A new Adversary Mode is also planned for later in the week for current generation consoles. The Til Death Do Us Part is an upcoming “couples based” mode perfect for couples enjoying Grand Theft Auto V‘s Valentine’s Day celebration. The full details on this new Adversary Mode are coming soon, and tentative release of the new mode is scheduled for Friday.

Grand Theft Auto V
Some of the clothes players can purchase now in GTA Online

The online component of Grand Theft Auto V updates often and for free. As the Inquisitr reported, GTA Online recently patched with title update 1.32. This title update added a couple of vehicles to the Benny’s Original Motor Sports website including the Karin Sultan and the Bravado Banshee. The update also included the new Drop Zone Adversary Mode available from level one. Players are dropped from a Cargobob with their guns and a parachute. After landing in the drop zone, up to four teams will battle over the limited area, and the team to capture the area wins. Capturing the area requires the team to fill a timer but the timer does not have to be filled consecutively.

The official patch notes for title update 1.32 now include the features of the “Be My Valentine” content, too. The Grand Theft Auto V support page specifically mentions that these Valentine’s Day items in GTA Online will remain “indefinitely.” Unlike the last Valentine’s Day event, the items included in the “Be My Valentine” event will stick around for some time it seems. Even if that is the case, players interested in the items need launch GTA Online and buy the items to ensure that they have them.

Grand Theft Auto V
On the run in GTA Online [Image via Rockstar Games]

GTA Online players should also note that the VIP Bonus Week special ends soon. The event discounts all executive cars and helicopters by 25 percent in-game. Moreover, it currently costs half the GTA cash to become a VIP during the event. Other stuff is on sale, too, including 25 percent off Gold Luxor and Gold Swift. A major 50 percent is taken off the price of robes and smoking jackets while a 10 percent discount is applied to Docktease speedboats, sailboats, seasharks, and yacht customization. There is even double GTA cash for Extraction and Drop Zone during this event. These specials end on February 11.

Will you be jumping on to GTA Online for the new items, or will you wait to see what the Adversary Mode entails?

[Image via Rockstar Games]