‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Meredith Grey’s Attack Will Have Lasting Effects

Grey’s Anatomy comes back this Thursday after their winter hiatus, and if you believe the spoilers and the upcoming previews, it isn’t holding back any punches. It appears as if lead Meredith Grey, who really hasn’t gotten a break from the onslaught of drama, will have another battle to deal with.

So it’s not enough that she loses her husband Derek Shepherd to a horrifying car accident after he saves a few people, but now Meredith, who has already survived having her hand around a bomb inside someone’s chest, and a suicide attempt, now has another battle to fight.

From what the previews suggest, Meredith Grey gets attacked by a patient, and according to TV Guide, those injuries that she sustains are “long-term.” Actress Caterina Scorsone, who plays Meredith’s sister-in-law Amelia, discussed the details of the lasting after effects that Meredith Grey deals with ahead of Thursday night’s episode.

“The attack itself is shocking. It’s quite brutal, and the damage is extensive. It’s not just a couple bruises. It’s a pretty long-term situation.”

These lasting injuries can impact Meredith on a very critical level when it comes to her future at Grey Sloan hospital. Currently, she’s head of general surgery at the hospital, but that job is in jeopardy after she is affected by everything. Scorscone explains, “Meredith is the person who gets attacked, but it does impact everyone quite profoundly because she’s such a central person in the constellation of relationships at the hospital.”

Actor Jason George, who plays Bailey’s husband Ben Warren, described what it was like to read the script with the rest of the cast. The actor told E! of the experience.

“This is one where at the table-read, everyone’s jaw was on the floor. The writers went beyond, I mean, truly—it’s different than what we’re used to. There’s so much about it that blew me away. And then they throw us this curve ball of Denzel Washington directing!”

As stated, actor Denzel Washington had the pleasure of directing the dynamic episode that’s set to premiere. Washington sought out some inspiration from his wife in taking on his first episode of Grey’s Anatomy. According to George, He said his wife is a huge fan and broke it down to him.

He continued, “And I think she said she kind of gave him the, ‘Don’t you screw this up’ talk, which is hilarious, because I’m sure she’s one of three people on the planet that can talk to Denzel like he’s any old body and be like, ‘Look, that’s my show. Don’t you mess it up. Let me explain to you who they are.'”

Meredith Grey’s attack isn’t the only thing happening in Shondaland. As reported by The Inquisitr, Jackson and April’s future is still up in the air as they have to decide whether or not to officially divorce or not. Fans are particularly worried if actress Sarah Drew is leaving the show or not, which will obviously affect which way Jackson and April go.

According to Entertainment Weekly, fans can expect an hour-long episode of April and Jackson’s relationship, which will give fans an answer one way or the other. This episode will go down on February 25.

As for Alex and Jo and whether or not she will accept his proposal, that’s still up in the air.

What do you think of the upcoming spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy? Should creator Shonda Rhimes spread the wealth with the drama?

[Image via ABC]