The Kardashian Kids Not Pleased With Their Portrayal On ‘The People V O.J. Simpson’

The Kardashian kids did not like how they were portrayed on last night’s episode of The People V. O.J. Simpson. At the time of the famous trial, Kim, Khloe, Rob, and Kourtney were all very little, so a lot of people thought that there would be briefly mentioned by their father Robert Kardashian, as the focus was mainly on the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, and the subsequent trial that happened once O.J. Simpson became a suspect.

However, it seems like with Robert Kardashian as one of his lawyers on the defense team, little nuggets have been used and liberties are expanded for the sake of dramatic television. While the Kardashian children were mentioned in the first episode, mainly Kim, the second episode showed all of the Kardashian kids in their fame hunger glory.

During a scene where Robert Kardashian read O.J. Simpson’s suicide letter at a press conference, no one could understand how to pronounce Kardashian’s last name — the name we all know so well now because of said trial and the booming empire created by matriarch Kris.

That said, as people from the press were heard asking how you pronounce his last name, Kim Kardashian and the rest of the Kardashian kids started chanting how to spell the name following by screams of “Kardashian” “Kardashian” as they watched from their television screen at home.

Needless to say, TMZ has reported that the Kardashians weren’t pleased with their portrayal in last night’s episode. Sources close to the family tell TMZ that Kim in particular thought the scene was “ridiculous.” In fact, according to the Kardashian children the scene “never happened.”

Although they aren’t happy with how they’re being portrayed, they are happy with how their late father is being portrayed. Actor David Schwimmer spent hours on the phone talking to Kris Jenner about the kind of person her ex-husband was during the trial, and what kind of friend he was to O.J. Most people didn’t realize how close he was to O.J. at the time, and neither did Schwimmer.

According to E! Larry Karaszweski, a writer on the miniseries told Time of Robert Kardashian’s presence. He described him as, “one of the few people involved in the case who is involved for all the right reasons, in a sense.”

He continued, “He’s a loyal friend. He’s a very religious man and O.J.’s his best pal, and O.J. looks at him and says he didn’t do it. He chooses to believe his friend and remain loyal to him. Part of the show is how he winds up being very conflicted over that.”

That said, many are still wondering why there’s a focus on the Kardashian children, given their age at the time of the event. Karaszweski said of the decision,

“We didn’t want to dwell on the Kardashian children but to leave them out of it, I think, would have been wrong as well. They were around for this case. To be a young child in the middle of this media circus, of turning on the TV and having your father’s initial appearance to the American public be during the Bronco chase where 90 million people were watching. Seeing the effect that had on their lives and their household, you can’t help but feel that maybe the germ of the Kardashian empire was planted at that moment.”

People had all different kinds of reactions to the scene.

Is it necessary to show the Kardashians as children in the People v O.J. series..

— Siraya. (@sirayasoresrexx) February 10, 2016

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