‘Billion Dollar Wreck’ News: All About Martin Bayerle’s Voluntary Manslaughter Conviction, Time In Prison

Viewers are loving the show Billion Dollar Wreck on History. Now everyone is curious about the fact that Martin Bayerle actually spent time in jail for manslaughter. This was years ago, before the show, but Martin’s past is coming up now that he has joined a new reality show. He is the lead of the show and Martin is trying to find treasure that he believes could be worth billions. Starcasm shared details about Martin Bayerle’s time in jail and what landed the treasure seeker behind bars over 10 years ago.

Martin Bayerle was brought up on charges of murder, but was actually convicted of voluntary manslaughter instead. This all went down back in 1991 when Bayerle was charged with the murder of Stefano Robotti, Bayerle’s wife’s alleged lover. At the time, Martin was not with his wife anymore, but they were not divorced yet either. This all happened after Martin tried to find treasure the first time on the RMS Republic and only found the wine cellar. Now he is back again trying to find the rest of the treasure that he thinks is there.

Bayerle was sentenced to five years in prison, but he was able to get out in half the time for good behavior. Now that he is out of jail and back in the real world, Martin Bayerle is ready to move on and try to find treasure once again on the RMS Republic.

Reading Eagle newspaper also shared back in 1991 about Martin Bayerle’s trial and in a shocking twist, he allegedly tried to exploit Susan Bayerle sexually. Her lawyer testified that Martin had Susan sign a paper that said that he would give the divorce to her, but in return he wanted “one night of unrestricted sexual pleasure.” This document was allegedly signed by Susan and said that “any reasonable, normal requests” of a sexual nature would be performed “without restriction or reservation.”

Martin was then charged with first-degree murder in the death of Stefano Robotti. Bayerle said that this man was his wife’s lover. He was shot six times at a farm house that he was living at with Susan, her parents, and her children. Susan let her lawyer testify in court about the document. Her lawyer said he didn’t consider this document legally binding. It is not something you are used to seeing come up in a divorce court hearing, though.

Now Martin Bayerle is on a new kind of journey and his son is going along with him. Bayerle is heading out to try to find treasure on the RMS Republic. There is a lot of speculation about this show being fake and if there is really any treasure at all in the RMS Republic. Some people think that he could find a ton and others believe that Martin Bayerle will end up finding nothing at all when this show is over. Right now, Billion Dollar Wreck has been picked up for eight episodes. If he doesn’t find what he is looking for, this show could come back again or he could end up going to look for treasure in another ship. Bayerle’s fans can’t wait to see what he does find, if anything.

Are you shocked to see that the History channel decided to make a show about Martin Bayerle after his time spent in prison? Do you think that Martin Bayerle will be finding treasure on the RMS Republic on Billion Dollar Wreck? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes on Monday nights on History.

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