Marvel Cinematic Universe: ‘Agent Carter’ Season 2, Episode 5 Recap

During last week’s episode of Marvel’s Agent Carter, amidst flashbacks from Peggy Carter’s and Whitney Frost’s pasts, Captain Sousa was able to steal a sample of zero matter before the FBI could get to it during their intentional and unannounced audit that prevented the SSR from infiltrating the Council of Nine at the Arena Club.

Agent Peggy Carter’s friend and potential love interest, Jason Wilkes, still hasn’t fully recovered from his encounter with zero matter, and he has been talking about something “calling him away” — but he doesn’t know to where. While being held hostage, Mr. Hunt revealed to Carter and Sousa that the people who were ultimately in charge — the Council of Nine — were too powerful to run away from. They were more than a gang of criminals — they were some of the most powerful men in the world.

Whitney, who has the power to absorb other people, has revealed her zero matter-related gift to her husband, Senate candidate Calvin Chadwick. He seems (understandably) scared by the news.

This week, Agent Carter’s crew recruits a few new members to her unofficial squad as they race to prevent Whitney Frost from obtaining an atomic bomb.

The show begins with Wilkes informing Carter that he’s discovered he can become temporarily whole again when he absorbs zero matter. When he does so, he automatically knows the location of the corpse of the frozen Jane Doe from the Carter season premiere — well, he doesn’t “know” where the body is, he can simply “feel” it. Agent Carter and Jarvis go after the body in hopes that possessing it will mean, as Vulture described it, Wilkes will be able to “get more corporeal time.”

Whitney Frost has the same idea, however, and scares her husband when she sneaks up on him in the closet to tell him she needs his help. When they find the body (moments before Carter and Jarvis can get to it), she claims, “It called me here.” After touching the body and seemingly gaining some sort of energy or power or insight, she makes a bold proclamation.

“I need an atomic bomb.”

Both parties know that an atomic bomb exists at Roxxon, headed by Howard Stark’s nemesis, Hugh Jones. As Entertainment Weekly pointed out, Roxxon has crossover significance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as it is mentioned not only here but in the Daredevil series on Netflix as well.

Meanwhile, Chief Sousa awkwardly proposes to his nurse girlfriend who gladly accepts.

Eventually, a team is assembled that consists of Agent Carter, Chief Sousa, Jason Wilkes, Dr. Samberly (a scientist/weapons inventor from the SSR), Edwin Jarvis, and secretary/agent Rose Roberts. They need to get to the atomic bomb before Whitney Frost, or stop Frost completely.

Using a disguise and a weapon that makes the victim forget the last two minutes, Carter steals an access key from Hugh Jones for the atomic bomb. At the same time, Frost and Calvin go to Joseph Manfredi, a former lover of Frost who is now a powerful and ruthless crime lord, for some assistance. Manfredi, like Frost, is a character from the Marvel comics that has been reimagined for this show. He was also known as Blackwing, a member of the Circus of Crime.

This time, however, Carter’s team arrives first, and Sousa helps Jarvis diffuse the bomb while Carter takes care of Frost’s crew. While she fails to apprehend Frost, she instead ends up being impaled after being thrown off of a ledge.

Despite their failed attempt, Frost insists that they go after another atomic bomb. Her husband isn’t so sure, and ends up calling an emergency meeting with the Council of Nine.

The good guys rush Agent Carter to Sousa’s wife-to-be Violet who patches her up nicely. Carter is recovering in bed at the end of the show, but Violet has called out Chief Sousa on his love for Peggy, and the engagement seems to be off.

As Carter is resting, Wilkes suddenly begins to fade away. And that’s how Marvel’s Agent Carter leaves the viewer until next week.

Where To Watch

ABC airs Marvel’s Agent Carter Tuesday evenings at 9/8c while Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is on a mid-season break. Highlights of this week’s episode of Agent Carter (The Atomic Job) are available at ABC’s website. Beginning Wednesday, replays of Agent Carter can be streamed on-demand with a Hulu Plus Subscription.

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