‘Final Fantasy IX’ Hits iOS, Android Prior To Steam — Big Win For Mobile

The Final Fantasy IX iOS and Android port is here, even if PC gamers are still waiting for theirs. It’s going to require some hefty install space, so unless you have well over 8GB to spare, you might want to wait for Steam’s Final Fantasy IX “early 2016” release date.

Something else that might make PC gamers upset is the fact that the game has already been released on PSN for the PlayStation 3, PSP, and PS Vita. Also, the PlayStation 4 doesn’t seem to be getting a port and it isn’t backwards compatible, so Sony’s latest console may have to sit this one out alongside the Xbox One.


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FF9 follows the adventures of Zidane Tribal, a young thief who teams up with a group to take down Queen Brahne of Alexandria. This Queen is allegedly responsible for starting a war among nations, although later it is revealed that she is actually working for someone else. This Star Wars-style twist is one of many which had helped Square Enix separate its flagship title from other RPGs.

There are even Star Wars references thrown into the franchise, such as the characters Biggs and Wedge always somehow making it into the story. They were among the team in FF7 when Avalanche initially attempted to take down Shinra.

Now on iOS and Android, Final Fantasy IX is available on mobile devices so you can grind your way through the story (which has been called the rival to FF7) as you go. Engadget even points out that it is the highest-rated Final Fantasy game on Metacritic. For gamers who don’t want to pour hours into the game in order to make progress, there are options available which allow you to alter it much like the PS4 version of Final Fantasy VII. You can speed the game up, eliminate random encounters, and even make it so you can’t do less than nine thousand damage in one attack.

Yes, these cheats might seem to be catering to the “filthy casuals,” but some gamers don’t have the time and just want to experience the story. With Final Fantasy IX on iOS and Android, and coming soon to Steam, you can do that if you wish. You can always play through this well-received JRPG the way it was originally meant to be played. It’s all up to you.

Most Final Fantasy IX purists will still enjoy the iOS and Android port’s HD cut scenes, which is part of the reason for the game’s hefty install size.

Venture Beat has pointed out that Square Enix could be gambling with these mobile ports of their classic JRPG. The best-selling mobile game in the franchise is Final Fantasy Tactics, followed by Final Fantasy VI. Possibly helping the sales along are the inclusion of achievements and auto-saving. The latter could come in handy if you’re not a steadfast supporter of the “save early, save often” mantra. You won’t lose your progress so easily if your battery dies.

With Final Fantasy IX now on iOS and Android, and coming soon to Steam, are you willing to reserve the space needed to install it? Will you take advantage of the “cheat” options, or play it straight?

[Image via Square Enix]