Scott Disick Overdose And ‘Near-Death’ But Now Scott And Tyga Are Partying Again!

The “scary details” of a new report about Scott Disick’s overdose suggests that Scott is sinking back into his addiction. According to Hollywood Life, Disick overdosed on a “nearly lethal combination” of all his favorite demons. Scott, 32, was “rushed to ER” when his bodyguards realized he’d overdosed and needed emergency help. They started doing CPR on the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star while waiting for the ambulance to arrive, which probably saved him.

Disick spent several weeks in rehab on two different occasions and seemed to be doing really well. Fans and the Kardashian family thought he was going to stay clean, but this latest overdose looks like he has a long way to go. Scott’s bodyguards found him unconscious and alone in his home, with all the signs of an overdose. Radar Online reported that Disick went on “a bender of cocaine, vodka, beer and Viagra” before falling into bed after “another wild night of partying.” He was “discovered unresponsive” in his bed on January 31.

The online gossip site quoted an inside source, identified as one of Scott’s friends, who spoke with Life & Style magazine about Disick’s overdose. The friend said that a false name was used when he was admitted to hospital.

“He was given an adrenaline shot to revive him. It was a lot like that crazy scene out of Pulp Fiction… The guards performed CPR and took him to Los Robes Hospital under an assumed name.”

On this occasion, Scott was “allegedly” given an adrenaline shot in order to save him from the lethal effects of the overdose, but there have been several other times when he had a near brush with death because of drugs and alcohol. Disick’s friend said that one time he was so far gone after a drug and alcohol overdose binge that nearby friends had to shake the reality star “for 30 minutes” until he “finally” regained consciousness.

“Everyone thought he was dead.”

That’s the kind of partying that got Scott into trouble in the first place. Scott had a tough time watching Khloe Kardashian’s estranged husband Lamar Odom recover from a “near-death experience,” and that was enough to make him stop the drug and alcohol abuse that made Kourtney break up with him. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to make him stay away from “toxic substances,” although fans are rooting for him.

Disick’s Twitter and Instagram accounts don’t make any acknowledgment that the star was admitted to the hospital. It’s to be hoped that Scott himself recognizes the trouble he’s in even if he won’t admit it publicly on Twitter.

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At least he has someone keeping an eye on him as his struggles continue. According to the insider, Scott and other party guests have code names provided by Disick’s bodyguards, who are always on the alert for signs of trouble. When any of the high-profile partygoers have to be admitted to the hospital because of an overdose, the code names are used and all the necessary people are notified. There’s no word on whether Scott Disick’s parents are on that list.

Fans often wonder, “What does Scott Disick even do?” as they try to figure out if he makes any contribution to the Kardashian business empire.

The more important question might be what should Scott do to stop making such a mess of things. He’s had a lot of support from the Kardashian family despite his breakup with Kourtney Kardashian, but according to the Daily Mail, recent KUWTK episode showed Scott is still obsessed with Kourtney and unable to take control of his own life. Disick is shown “sobbing” on the phone about how his life is meaningless while “Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian scramble” to help him.

Worse yet, Scott and Tyga are now reported to be hosting yet another “wild party” at 1OAK despite Disick’s recent hospitalization and drug overdose.

There is hope, though. Scott and Kourtney have been seen together several times recently and seem to be on “pretty good terms.” Maybe Scott will be inspired to stay safe and watch his drug use if he remembers how much he loves his three children, Mason, Penelope, and Reign Disick.