ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Ben Higgins’ Declarations Of Love To 2 Women Set Stage For Blindside At Final Rose Ceremony

Fans are buzzing about the latest previews for Ben Higgins’ final rose ceremony on ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season. Although Reality Steve’s spoilers have broken down who is said to score this rose, the network is definitely in overdrive trying to shake up the expectations of viewers. New Bachelor spoilers tidbits are out regarding the drama ahead, but is there really a jaw-dropping ending on the way?

As viewers have seen in recent Bachelor spoiler previews, Ben Higgins tells two women he loves them toward the end of this season. When it comes to the final rose ceremony, he seems quite emotional and heartbroken over having to send his runner-up home. This has led to a lot of speculation that perhaps Reality Steve’s spoilers are incorrect. However, the spoiler guru says that he is absolutely certain that his scoop regarding Higgins’ final rose is spot-on.

Now, Us Weekly is out with a few additional tidbits. They tease Bachelor spoilers that Ben tells one of the ladies during the fantasy suites that he loves her, but she does not end up being his final choice. While Higgins does tell another finalist he loves her as well, and that’s who he ultimately picks, it seems the runner-up ends up blindsided and fully heartbroken.

There have been some brutal final rose ceremonies in previous seasons, of course. The Bachelorette fans remember how Ben Flajnik got down on one knee to propose to Ashley Hebert Rosenbaum and he was certainly blindsided by her rejection. In addition, Clare Crawley had a few choice words for Juan Pablo Galavis when he dismissed her at his final rose ceremony. While there are other similar examples from the show’s past, Bachelor spoilers are teasing that in this case, the situation makes for a truly brutal season ending.

Interestingly, the new cover of Us Weekly featuring these Bachelor spoilers show photos of Ben, Lauren Bushnell, JoJo Fletcher and Caila Quinn. For those who follow Reality Steve’s spoilers regarding these Season 20 eliminations, they will find it curious that the magazine put those three ladies on the cover with Higgins, seemingly confirming Steve’s Bachelor spoilers.

The overnight dates with Ben and the last three ladies take place in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, and Bachelor spoilers share that Higgins makes a rather spur of the moment choice to tell two of the three ladies he loves them. Obviously, while he was just living in the moment and opening up his heart, this comes back to bite Ben when it comes to the final rose ceremony.

When it does come time to eliminate that runner-up bachelorette, Bachelor spoilers tease that Higgins will insist that he meant what he said, but it does not eliminate her heartbreak. Viewers can apparently expect a lot of crying as these moments play out during the Season 20 finale.

Despite all of that, Reality Steve’s spoilers regarding Higgins’ final rose have not changed. In his latest post, Steve says that nothing has changed and that this is just hype to throw people off of the existing Bachelor spoilers.

Steve’s latest blog post says that Ben does not do anything crazy in this finale, despite how the show is editing the footage to tease viewers. While there may be some dramatic moments filled with tears, Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers detail that the runner-up will head home after having her heart broken and Higgins’ final rose will go to the finalist who has been a frontrunner for a while.

Do you believe the network’s teases that a jaw-dropping blindside is on the way for fans, or do think Reality Steve’s spoilers for Season 20 are correct? Episode 7 is set to air next, and ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 finale with Ben Higgins’ final rose is right around the corner.

[Image via show producer Elan Gale’s Instagram]