Little Girl Dancing On Air Conditioner Outside Three-Story Apartment Saved By Quick-Thinking Bus Driver [video]

A little girl dancing on an air conditioner in New York City fell three-stories but was saved by her quick-thinking neighbor. Keyla McCree, 7, an autistic child was dancing and smiling on the apartment air conditioner totally unaware of the danger she was in. McCree slipped and fell into the waiting arms of Steve St. Bernard, a bus driver who rushed to her aid. Keyla McCree and Steven St. Bernard landed in some bushes near the Brooklyn apartment building, ABC News reports.

St. Bernanrd, 53, is a father of four children and fortunately happened to be in the right place at the right time. “Please let me catch her, please let me catch her, that’s all I could say. Let me catch the little baby, that’s all,” the heroic bus driver told WABC News. “It feel good now to know that I did something.”

Keyla reportedly pushed herself through the accordion-style side pieces which helped secure the air conditioner in place, while her mother was busy in another room. According to WABC News, law enforcement officers do not believe anything criminal was at play inside the apartment and ruled the air conditioner incident an accident.

Steven St. Bernard tore a tendon in his left shoulder when diving to catch and Keyle McCree and break her fall. The little girl is uninjured. St. Bernard has politely rejected the title of hero which has been thrust upon him.


“No. A hero is a sandwich. I just saw a kid, that’s it,” St. Bernard concluded, according to NPR.