Farrah Abraham Throws ‘Dad’ Surprise Birthday Party, ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Criticized For Being Fake

Farrah Abraham is constantly being criticized. From what she allows her daughter to do to posting photos from a surprise party for her father, the media cannot help but bash her. Abraham has been in the news constantly since the new season of Teen Mom OG began airing last month. While a lot of what she does and allows is questionable, some of the comments have been a little excessive. From normal viewers to celebrities, everyone has a comment about Abraham and what she says and does.

The latest stunt from Farrah Abraham comes in the form of a surprise birthday party. Abraham has generally called her father Michael. It has been like this since 16 & Pregnant began airing. There have been minimal times where Abraham has been heard referring to him as dad throughout the last seven years. According to Wetpaint, Farrah Abraham posted photos where she called Michael “dad” after throwing him a surprise party for his birthday. While the gesture seemed innocent enough, immediately fans spoke up about her fake attitude. She rarely calls Michael “dad,” and now she is calling him that for photo opportunities. Truth be told, Abraham has always had a better relationship with Michael, but it still isn’t what might be called healthy. Something as small as posting a photo of something she had done nice has placed Abraham right in the line of fire again.

Speculation is that Farrah Abraham has been working on relationships within the family. She has been attending counseling sessions with her mother, Debra Danielsen. In fact, the two launched a “Mom & Me” business recently and debuted the products over the weekend. Abraham has always been closer to her father and showed a bit more reserve when talking to him. In a recent episode, she took Michael on about watching Sophia. It was a heated exchange and was uncomfortable to watch. Abraham disrespected him, but she eventually changed her tune. For some reason, Michael resonates with her more than Debra does.

As more episodes of Teen Mom OG air, Farrah Abraham receives more and more criticism. Her behavior is like something out of the movies, as it is dramatic and uncalled for most of the time. She has become physical with a producer and has verbally assaulted nearly everyone she comes into contact with. According to Starpulse, Farrah Abraham is getting highly criticized for allowing her daughter to wear makeup to school. This comes up after the latest episode of Teen Mom OG aired Monday night. Footage showed that Debra Danielsen had to go to bat for Sophia with the school because they had an issue with her wearing makeup to school. Abraham encourages Sophia to wear cosmetics and dress like a princess. While making a child feel bad about their choices is one thing, believing you need enhancements at 7-years-old is another.

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With so much going on, Farrah Abraham doesn’t have time to respond to every negative comment thrown her way. She does respond to things from time to time, but mostly back to celebrities who have criticized her. Nicki Minaj and Kendall Jenner are two Abraham has a beef with, but that has died down in recent days. Between her sex toy business and the new endeavor she took on with Debra Danielsen, Abraham is going to be incredibly busy in her day to day life. With more Teen Mom OG episodes to air, there is going to be plenty more criticism for Abraham. It is clear that the things she does and says to those around her aren’t anything she puts stock in. Farrah Abraham has been incredibly brutal with her words towards her parents, but it looks like maybe things have changed this time around.

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