‘ARK: Survival Evolved’ Xbox One Update Delayed [Update]

Xbox One owners looking forward to a host of new changes to ARK: Survival Evolved will have to wait a little longer. The update planned for release Wednesday, February 10, has been delayed for the open-world dinosaur survival game.

Studio Wildcard Co-Founder and ARK: Survival Evolved Co-Creative Director Jesse Rapczack revealed the disappointing news via his Twitter feed on Tuesday.

Update: Rapczack posted an update on the status of the ARK 731.0 patch on Twitter Thursday.

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The patch notes posted on the ARK website still list February 10 as the release date, however, and there is still no official announcement of the delay beyond Rapczack’s Twitter post. This undoubtedly will cause some confusion in the community as they await the update to be released. Obviously, a more specific window of beyond “a few more days” has not been announced by Studio Wildcard yet.

It’s not clear if the issues with the 731.0 update for ARK: Survival Evolved was discovered by the developer or as part of Microsoft’s certification process for the Xbox One. It typically takes one to two weeks of testing to make sure nothing breaks the console before an update to a game is released.

ARK: Survival Evolved (PC, Xbox One)
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This would have been the second update to ARK on the Xbox One since its December release, and easily the most exciting. The 731.0 release heralded the debut of split-screen multiplayer for the dinosaur title, along with promised framerate performance improvements. Additionally, it is set to add prehistoric beasts such as the Dung Beetle, Dimetrodon, and Gallimimus to the game, along with the ability to build a greenhouse.

New gear is also included in the 731.0 update such as the Shock Prod and Riot Armor. More importantly, players can now craft beer in the game. If there’s an upside to the delay, it is this gives ARK Survivors more time to build out their planned taverns and breweries as well as greenhouse areas.

Here is the complete list of improvements for Xbox One update 731.0 posted to the ARKwebsite.

  • All PC Content up thru PC version 233 (Beer, Dung Beetle, Dimetrodon, Gallimimus, Shock Prod, Riot Armor, Greenhouse Tileset, etc etc)
  • SPLIT-SCREEN MULTIPLAYER for both Online and Local Play!!
  • Rendering Framerate improvements
  • Non-Dedicated Multiplayer tether range increased +33%, Maximum number of players in non-dedicated sessions increased to 8!
  • All of the PC’s Server options are now exposed to Hosting/Local Sessions (even options that were previously hidden in INI’s), and all options have direct-input textboxes for using any arbitrary value.
  • Fixed cursor erroneously resetting to “Favorites” button after attempting to join a server
  • Fixed a memory leak that would eventually crash the client over time
  • Fixed multi-colored Dimorphodon

ARK: Survival Evolved was last updated on January 15 for the Xbox One. Studio Wildcard had originally set a goal of releasing updates to the console approximately every two weeks. The developer is obviously still trying to find its footing in that regard as it tries to navigate the certification requirements for Microsoft.

Flying around The Center in ARK: Survival Evolved.
[Image by Studio Wildcard]

The PC version ARK has been updated much more frequently, however. Patch 235 was released over the weekend with the additions of the Terror Bird, Grappling Hook, the ability to form Tribe Alliances, and localization of game text to other languages. This was followed with a 235.3 update Tuesday that adds the BattlEye anti-cheat system to all official servers in the game. It’s also available to install on unofficial dedicated Windows servers. More fixes were released after to quickly address issues with BattlEye as well as localization translation.

This clearly points to the differences between game development on consoles and PCs. One requires a more measured approach to deal with policies on closed systems, while the other is able to deploy patches rapidly. Sometimes that just means new bugs are inserted into a game quickly, though.

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