NH Primary Foreshadows Sanders vs. Trump In November

NH primary results could be a key indicator for what is about to come this year during the Presidential general election in November. Not only did Senator Bernie Sanders and business mogul Donald Trump come up victorious in the primary election, but they did so with a commanding lead.

Early on, before the NH primary contest, the big winners that came out of the Iowa primary were Senator Ted Cruz for the Republican ticket and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the Democratic ticket. But Clinton’s margin of victory in that primary were less than two-tenths of a percentage point, and Sanders came out mostly unscathed and nearly even with the former Secretary of State in terms of delegates.

But on the Republican side of the Iowa primary, Cruz came out of that with a resounding victory that seemed to elicit an overall victory cry from the Texas senator. Suffice it to say that the early voting state did not reflect the same views after the NH primary results were announced.

What the NH primary showed was that Sanders beat Clinton by the largest margin of victory in any Democratic primary, garnering 60 percent of the vote against Clinton’s 38 percent. You should also note that CNN reports these numbers and at the time of this article’s writing, 97 percent of the precincts in New Hampshire have reported in their primary results.

New Hampshire awards 32 total delegates for the state, and they are distributed proportionally to the respective candidate’s campaign.

On the Republican side, CNN also reports that Trump took in 35 percent of the vote, with John Kasich the closest behind him at 16 percent, and Cruz at 12 percent. Again, these numbers represent the current tally, with 97 percent of the precincts in New Hampshire reporting in their primary results.

With Sanders taking a 22 percent margin of victory over Clinton, as well as Trump taking a 19 percent margin of victory over Kasich, that could indeed foreshadow that the general election in November could be between the two candidates that have traded spars against each other on various media platforms during the primary season.

The NH primary also comes on the heels of Clinton long being considered the Democratic frontrunner, and most of the Republican Party has taken direct assaults against her in the media as well as on their various debate stages. As a matter of fact, the circus of the Republican Debate stages have all had one thing in common, and the only thing that the GOP candidates seem to agree on, and that is Hillary Clinton. They have all taken mutually beneficial jabs at the former Secretary of State and see her as their greatest threat in the general election, no matter who gets the nomination.

But as the NH primary has clearly shown, Sanders has become one of the fastest rising stars among the people of the state, and all around the country. His campaign has been solely financed by small, individual donors, and they have given to him in large droves before and after the debates and the primary contests.

Sanders has also criticized Clinton for taking money from Wall Street and other investors that could have potentially been the same predatory lenders and traders on the stock market that caused the massive 2008 collapse and ensuing Great Recession.

As Sanders has campaigned for fervently before the NH primary, he intends to take on Wall Street, Big Money, and special interest groups to get them out of politics and put the people back in charge of their country. Clinton has echoed these sentiments to some degree, but it is a hard platform for her to sell when her major campaign backers have been the same Wall Street SuperPACS that the issue targets.

So there is now real reason to believe that the NH primary could indeed indicate what voters can expect to see come November in the general election.

[Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images]