Teresa Giudice Pregnant? New Report Claims ‘RHONJ’ Wants A Son With Joe

Is Teresa Giudice ready for a fifth child? Although the Real Housewives of New Jersey star has been out of prison for less than two months, a new report claims she’s hoping to expand her family with Joe — despite his impending prison sentence.

On February 10, Hollywood Life revealed news of a Life & Style report, which claimed 43-year-old Teresa Giudice recently went on birth control in hopes of getting pregnant.

Teresa Giudice is “determined to conceive before Joe begins his 41-month sentence in March,” a source revealed to the magazine. “She’s been acting really excited about the future, and she looks like she’s put on some weight, I think she could actually be pregnant.”

In recent years, Teresa Giudice’s husband has been targeted with several rumors of infidelity, and while the reality star doesn’t appear to have any plans for divorce, Joe reportedly feels his marriage could be doomed if he doesn’t agree to try for a fifth child. In addition, said the magazine source, Joe is convinced another child would keep him in the country, despite his crimes of bank and wire fraud, which could lead to deportation at the end of his 41-month prison term.

Joe “believes that if they have another child, there’s a better chance she’ll go with him if he gets deported,” the source concluded.

Years ago, Teresa Giudice’s alleged plans for surrogacy were revealed in an article shared by In Touch Weekly. At the time, the reality star revealed her husband Joe was hoping to add a baby boy to their family, and because Teresa Giudice didn’t want to carry a fifth child, they were reportedly hoping to expand their brood with the help of a carrier.

“Joe really wants a boy, and he said we should get a surrogate to carry it!” Teresa Giudice told the magazine.

“He is really pressuring her,” a source added, and “if that’s what he wants, [Teresa Giudice] may just give in.”

“After her brother’s wife had Gino (now 5), Teresa was dying for a boy, too,” a second insider told In Touch Weekly.

According to the report, Teresa Giudice underwent in vitro fertilization in 2009, and gave birth to their fourth daughter, Audriana, a short time later. However, Joe’s desire to have a baby boy has reportedly not gone away in the years that followed.

Teresa Giudice went on to reveal that she already has a name picked out for their son, if he ever comes into fruition.

“Franco,” Teresa Giudice explained, “after my father-in-law.”

While Teresa Giudice appeared to be completely on board with adding another child into the mix, the couple was sentenced to prison time a short while later, which has understandably halted any plans for children. Still, Life & Style claims Joe’s upcoming sentence hasn’t convinced Teresa Giudice that now isn’t the time.

Since exiting prison in late December of last year, Teresa Giudice spent tons of time at home with Joe and their four daughters as she endured a weeks-long house arrest, which ended just days ago, and has also been promoting her new book, Turning The Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again.

Teresa Giudice will return to Bravo for The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 7, airing sometime later this year. Although a premiere date has not yet been revealed, the show is expected to return by late fall.

[Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images]