17 Injured in Tuscaloosa Bar Shooting – Suspect Still On The Loose [video]

17 people were injured in a Tuscaloosa, Alabama bar shooting when a gunman opened fire during the late evening hours. Two of Copper Top bar shooting victims were transported to the DCH Regional Medical Center in critical condition, the Associated Press reports. Three Copper Top bar shooting victims arrived in serious condition, according to CBS News. The hospital was placed on lockdown after bar shooting victims arrived.

No arrests have yet been made in the Tuscaloosa shooting but police officers are reviewing bar surveillance videos searching for the gunman described by bar patrons. A news conference is tentatively planned for 11 a.m. Today. The Copper Top bar’s website notes a pool tournament was planned for last night.

Tuscaloosa Police Department Sgt. Brent Blankley stated while briefly responding to press inquiries at the scene that “multiple people” were shot at the Copper Top bar at approximately 12:30 a.m., Fox News reports. Copper Top bar surveillance videos show a man only from a back view walking down the sidewalk in front of the Tuscaloosa bar with what “appears to be ” a gun in his hand.

The Copper Top bar is located near the University of Alabama but it not currently known if students were involved I the shooting, according to ABC News. The bar is known as a popular place to socialize for University of Alabama students. Copper Top bar patrons who spoke with ABC News stated “it sounded like fireworks were going off” when the unknown suspect opened fire inside the Tuscaloosa bar.

ABC News also reports the Copper Top bar shooting may be related to a separate shooting inside the Indian Lakes Subdivision in nearby Northport.

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