Erika Girardi Has A Supporter In Yolanda Foster: ‘Erika Did What A Good Friend Does’

Erika Girardi may be new to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she’s learning that she needs to watch out some of the wives. Erika has known Yolanda Foster for years, and she merely wanted to protect her friend and be there for her. Sadly, Girardi was caught in a lie. According to a new Bravo report, Erika Girardi clearly has a friend in Yolanda Foster, who couldn’t stop praising Girardi for her honesty and her attitude. Of course, Erika was the one who told Foster about Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump — and their gossip about her children. And Foster seems very thankful.

“Discussing my children’s and my health issues with the intent to provoke doubt or gossip is not OK. I shared my concerns about my children’s health with Kyle on two separate occasions with plenty of opportunity for her to ask questions. She chose to bring it up once again at her barbecue just to stir the pot without any consciousness or consideration about the fact that it was my children she was talking about. Obviously she had discussed this matter with LVP in detail before,” Yolanda reveals about her children, adding, “I wish they wouldn’t take our feelings for granted and consider how much courage it took to show them.”

It is very interesting that Foster is supporting Erika Girardi, who lied to her other co-stars. Of course, Erika just wanted to support her friend and tell her about what had gone down. But when confronted with the news, Girardi simply denied doing anything and the blame was quickly shifted. Sadly, everyone saw Erika tell her friend about the rumors that were going away, as it was caught on camera.

“Erika did what a good friend does: She brought me truthful information which was accurate. There is a difference between talk that is factual and trash talk.We have all seen this story unfold in front of our eyes, step by step and it’s simple: Untruths were brought to the table for consideration, provoking doubt and discomfort amongst my friends and in our community,” Foster explains. But she doesn’t stop there. Rather than point out what Erika Girardi did wrong, she passes the blame to her co-stars.

“The problem starts there — the wind that starts the fire. I won’t burn in this flame, though … I have let this go. I will continue to defend my children, but I will not engage in this gossip!”

“I have much bigger fish to fry! Like raising money for proper diagnostic and a cure affordable for all. I will continue to educate and bring awareness to this subject until people like my friends open their heart to invisible disease and hopefully judgement gets converted to kindness,” she concludes, not mentioning Erika Girardi at all.

The drama all went down after Erika had performed, according to Daily Mail. The ladies wanted to confront her about it, but she wasn’t willing to talk. As for Yolanda, she decided not to address the talk, but instead focus on her health. In her blog, she spent lots of time talking about how it is going with her, sharing that she had a good week. She could get out of bed, she can now read and write again, and she feels motivated to beat this disease. While that is all good news, it does seem odd that she would support Erika Girardi in lying to protect her friend.


A pre Birthday party for my friend @yolandahfoster ???? Love you !!!

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Surely, this lie will come back to haunt Girardi, as this isn’t something the other ladies will simply forget. Erika may be new to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she may not soon forget that everything you say and do will be replayed to the world.

Are you surprised that Yolanda is so supportive of her friend, Erika Girardi?

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