Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl National Anthem Called ‘Amazing’ By Fiancé Taylor Kinney, Plus He Shares Their Valentine’s Day Plans

Whether you are a fan of Lady Gaga or not, her performance at this year’s Super Bowl was absolutely amazing, and nobody was more proud of her then her fiancé, Taylor Kinney.

The Chicago Fire star spoke with E! News during his TV Guide Magazine cover party, and couldn’t agree more with the viewers of the Super Bowl’s claim that Lady Gaga’s performance was one to remember. He also admitted that he wasn’t sure that his fiancée understood the magnitude of singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl.

“She was really excited, she was anxious leading up to it,” Kinney told to E! News.

“I remember her saying before she was getting a lot of emails, text messages, I guess social media was getting in touch. I don’t think she realized the scope of it and the magnitude of what that was. She goes, ‘This is a big deal, isn’t it?’ I go, ‘ Yeah, yeah babe. It’s a pretty big deal, you’re singing for the country.’ I think that she took the bull by the horns. She was relaxed, she was calm and she belted out a pretty amazing rendition.”

Kinney went on to say that he spoke with her after her performance saying with a laugh, “She was eating chicken wings then.”

Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty]

While Kinney was speaking with E! News, the topic of upcoming Valentine’s Day plans came up, but unfortunately, Kinney said that Lady Gaga will be getting ready for the Grammy Awards.

“She’ll be at the Grammy’s, so she’s working… I don’t think I’m going to the Grammys, but if I can—if I get the time, I’ll go out and be with her, yes.”

Despite having what may be the greatest year of her life — singing a tribute to David Bowie at the upcoming Grammys, she was nominated and will perform at the upcoming Oscars, and her earlier victory at the Golden Globes — Lady Gaga described her Super Bowl performance as a “dream come true.”

Lady Gaga and her Golden Globe [Image via NBC]
Lady Gaga and her Golden Globe [Image via NBC]

“I’ve always wanted to sing the National Anthem at a major sporting event since I was a little girl, and for it to be the Super Bowl, it is the ultimate …” She said to

While Lady Gaga’s performance was noted by sports fans and music fans alike, celebrities and TV stars also took to Twitter to show their love for the singer, reports USA Today.

“Lady gaga killed it!!!! So happy for her!!! Yaaasssssssss gorge!!!” Khloe Kardashian tweeted, while Gene Simmons added, “Lady GaGa did a solid job of singing the national anthem for Super Bowl. Impressive,” to his Twitter page.

After flooring audiences in a Gucci red-spangled suit, Lady Gaga made sure to keep fans updated with her post-Super Bowl partying.

First she posted an image of herself with caption, “party-time.” Then she snapped a picture while she was walking behind halftime show performer Bruno Mars, captioning it as “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

Then the singer, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, left more risqué posts via her Snapchat fans where she crawled after her pets, danced sexy with her friends, and then crashed in her outfit.

But the most eye-catching of the Snapchat’s was a blurry eight-second video clip of the singer naked in her bathtub. “SB50 hangover BathTime then INTERVIEWS,” she captioned it with.

Despite her wild night, she was up the next morning, looking great as she attended the Oscar Nominees luncheon, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Had a truly wonderful time at the Oscar Nominees luncheon. So cool to take a picture some of the most talented people in the world,” she posted.

Tell us! What do you think of Lady Gaga’s version of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl? Let us know in the comments, and relive her performance by watching the video below.

[Image via CBS]