Gwen Stefani & Miranda Lambert Feud Over Blake Shelton For Shocking Reasons: Can Miranda's Beau Prevent Showdown?

Miranda Lambert is gearing up for a showdown. Although it's been months since Miranda split with Blake Shelton, Lambert isn't over the fact that her ex-husband rebounded so quickly into a romance with Gwen Stefani, who has her own agenda against Miranda. And with the feud fueled by a variety of factors, Lambert and Stefani are ready to take on each other, reported Hollywood Life.

Although Miranda, 32, and her ex-husband's 46-year-old girlfriend have apparently avoided close encounters thus far, the latest report reveals that each woman has a grudge against the other. For Lambert, the PDA parade flaunted by the No Doubt front woman on social media was painful to observe. And on Gwen's side, the knowledge that Miranda has been in contact with Blake in a variety of ways also hurts her. A source cited by Hollywood Life revealed that with all that ammunition on either side, the two are ready to meet up, predicting an "explosive" confrontation.

Miranda Lambert headed for a showdown?
Miranda Lambert headed for a showdown? [Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Three Lions Entertainment]"Gwen paraded her romance with Blake like it was some big prize she won at the county fair, to make her feel better about the end of her marriage to Gavin Rossdale," said that source. "It wasn't fair and it wasn't nice."

Consequently, added that insider, Miranda feels that the unofficial "girl codes" were broken. But while Lambert holds that against her ex-husband's girlfriend, Miranda has allegedly sent texts that she believes the pop rocker will read to deliberately hurt her.

"Miranda doesn't hold back when she communicates with Blake, whether it's through texts that she knows Gwen will see, phone calls or through mutual friends," added the insider. "Miranda is hurt and acting out when she does it."

Miranda Lambert is missing her man.
Miranda Lambert is missing her man. [Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS]Despite that knowledge, the No Doubt front woman has no doubt that those actions from Lambert "sting." Neither Miranda nor Stefani really want to cause serious harm, but the insider shared that danger awaits.

"Sometimes [Lambert] can't control herself," explained the insider. "If Gwen were to set her off somehow, then the gloves would definitely come off."

Miranda has a new boyfriend, 27-year-old Anderson East. But that hasn't changed how Lambert feels about the woman with whom Shelton has hooked up. Consequently, Miranda is hunting for ways to find "closure" with the situation.

But that's not all. Lambert believes that Shelton's romance with his fellow coach on The Voice began while they were still married, reported Celeb Dirty Laundry.

That theory that the two were cheating unknown to Miranda prior to the divorce would explain why there was a short time period between Shelton's split with Lambert and his new romance. And while that makes Miranda irate, Stefani has her own reasons for anger after discovering the messages that Lambert sent to her new beau.

All of that hostility on each side has led up to the predictions of a showdown. But how does the man in the middle, Shelton, feel about all this?

The country crooner and Miranda have stayed friends, he said in an interview quoted by Radar Online.

Moreover, the split from Lambert happened quickly because of their situation.

"It happens so fast: Like, Miranda and I didn't have any kids, and we had a prenuptial agreement, or whatever we had. So, it was like once we filed for divorce … it was like a nine- or 10-day waiting period until it's over... We're buddies: Our whole thing was, we are going to be cool about this. It is what it is."
But is Lambert really that "cool," given that she appears to be copying the PDA parade posted on social media by The Voice coaches by flaunting her own relationship with new beau Anderson East on Instagram, as the Inquisitr reported?

Miranda Lambert shares her snuggle with boyfriend Anderson East.
Miranda Lambert shares her snuggle with boyfriend Anderson East. [Image via Miranda Lambert/Instagram]"The snuggle is real... @andersoneast :@raytair @ape_lewis," wrote Miranda for the caption.

As for where Lambert can go with her new beau for more snuggling, she just purchased a 400-acre retreat for $3.4 million, reported Today.

Among the attractions are cabins, fireplaces, a barn, and even a lake. No worry about where to park, because the garage holds six cars. And when Miranda wants to serenade Anderson, she's got a performance pavilion that seats 60 so they can invite some friends along for the flirty fun.

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