Lisa Vanderpump Gives Her Thoughts On Tom Schwartz After Stassi Confrontation

Lisa Vanderpump was shocked when Stassi Schroeder decided to walk into SUR before opening hours so she could talk to Lisa. Schroeder had left SUR behind years prior to this meeting, but they did have some unresolved things they needed to discuss. As it turns out, Lisa had paid off the man who was trying to sell Schroeder’s sex tape, and she wanted to pay back her former boss. But according to a new Bravo report, Lisa Vanderpump doesn’t think that Schroeder has changed all that much. And this is apparent based on how this former SUR employee talked about Vanderpump after their meeting.

“Me s***ing on Stassi, really? I think she’s the one that s*** on me with her insincerity. It’s not that I’m angry with Stassi, I think it’s real disgust that she would come and see me, take up my time, and be totally disingenuous,” Lisa Vanderpump revealed after watching Monday’s episode of the show.

She was clearly shocked at how Stassi was talking about their meeting, especially since Stassi was the one who broke down.

And while Vanderpump is no longer a fan of Stassi, she does try to help out and support her employees as much as possible. Lisa has done hotel upgrades before for her employees, and she has also dished out alcohol where possible. So it isn’t surprising that Vanderpump would show up for Katie’s launch party, and she wants to encourage her workers to do great things outside of the restaurant.

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“I love that Katie’s throwing this event, she’s got real ambitions. I always try and support my employees. Sometimes it’s just about getting their shifts covered, sometimes I help them out with the entertaining like lending them things from the bar or giving them alcohol, or sometimes it’s just showing up,” Vanderpump explains, hinting that she’s very proud of Katie.

But during the episode, she also told Katie that she didn’t want her to become successful and leave SUR behind.

But Lisa was very surprised when Tom Schwartz decided to meet up with Schroeder for a conversation. As it turns out, Tom was the only friend that Schroeder could talk to about her former best friend Katie Maloney. And as Tom told Schroeder, she wasn’t pissed — she was actually indifferent. Katie had no plans or desire to reach out to Stassi, but Tom still decided to invite her to their engagement party.

“Yes, Schwartzy, yes! I feel like I have tickets to a prize fight right now and my guy is winning. If I loved Tom Schwartz before, I love him more now. In fact, I would almost marry him. In fact, give me that ring! I do respect Schwartz’s choices. He showed up, he threw the book at her, but he’s still willing to listen. And from what he heard, I guess, okay, I support his choice. Maybe he should invite her,” Lisa Vanderpump reveals after watching their conversation and Tom’s possible invite to his engagement party.

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During the conversation, which has been transcribed by Hollywood Life, Tom tells his former friend that she’s “a pain in the a**, and a b***h, and venomous.”

“I am the type of person that, in order to protect myself, if you hurt me, I cut you out. I’ve done that with everybody in my life,” Schroeder revealed in self-defense, to which Tom added, “With shocking ease.”

“Yes, and that is a fault of mine,” she admitted, adding, “Yes, and I am now realizing this.”

Lisa gives props to Tom for having that conversation, and she does think it is the right move for Stassi to attend his engagement party — just to make peace with Katie. But Lisa Vanderpump isn’t necessarily respecting Katie’s wishes here.

What do you think of Lisa Vanderpump’s thoughts on the drama?

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