‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Hayden Infuriates Tracy, Laura Challenges Nikolas, And Epiphany Gets A New Gig

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s show indicate that there are some big moments on the way. Hayden and Nikolas got married, but they both have secrets they are hiding that could doom their relationship. Nathan and Maxie are planning to move in together, and Alexis and Julian are moving closer toward their wedding day. Where are things headed in the February 10 show?

According to We Love Soaps, Hayden will be chatting with Tracy and revealing her big news about her wedding with Nikolas. General Hospital spoilers reveal, however, that Tracy will be furious with her secret partner as this conversation plays out.

When Tracy was eavesdropping on Laura’s call to Nikolas, where she was trying to put a stop to the wedding, Tracy seemed thrilled with the idea of these two getting married. Just what is it, then, that leads her to become angry with Hayden in the midst of this reveal? There is some buzz that Hayden may try to end her secret deal with Tracy. If that is the case, it certainly explains Tracy’s furor with her partner-in-crime.

Laura had begged Nikolas not to marry Hayden, but he went ahead with his plans. General Hospital spoilers tease that during this next episode, Nik and his mom will have a rather tense conversation about these recent nuptials.

Nik’s mom will remind him that not only does her son have plenty of reasons to distrust his new bride, he also tried to have her killed not so long ago. While Nikolas may be putting up a good front about this marriage, he does have questions and he will continue to dig into the truth about Hayden. Is she really Rachel, or could she be Paul’s estranged daughter, Susan, as some are starting to speculate?

There is a new doctor in town, Dr. Griffin Munro, and it seems he will definitely be getting people buzzing throughout Port Charles. He seems to be connecting well with Sonny already, and General Hospital spoilers share that Carly will be making small talk with him during Wednesday’s show as well.

Both Carly and Sonny like what they see so far with Dr. Munro. However, General Hospital spoilers via Celeb Dirty Laundry detail that Sonny will be angling to get a private moment with his new doctor to discuss the progress he has made, and the fact that he is keeping this a secret from everybody else. Will Munro agree to work with him on these terms?

Nathan will seemingly fill in Nina on his relationship news, and General Hospital spoilers detail that she will be quite excited for him. GH fans have been quite anxious for some significant “Naxie” time, and teasers indicate that there may be even bigger things for this couple coming very soon. Moving in together was a big step, but is Nathan ready to make things even more permanent between them?

Wednesday’s show brings some tense encounters as well, though. General Hospital spoilers detail that Michael will be meeting with Alexis, and whatever he says leads her to question whether he is replacing her. In addition, Olivia and Julian will be butting heads, and she questions when he became the boss of her.

Fan favorite Epiphany gets into the mix of the action during Wednesday’s show, as General Hospital spoilers share that she has a new job to embrace. Viewers will have to tune in to see just what is in store for her, though. Viewers will also see Dillon and Maxie brainstorming about the next issue of Crimson, and it seems he has some ideas of where to head next that involve Maxie.

As the week continues, General Hospital spoilers reveal that love is in the air and romance will be blossoming throughout Port Charles. In addition, Helena’s will is due to be read, and GH fans can be sure that this will set the stage for drama and adventure throughout Port Charles that fans will not want to miss.

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