Paris Jackson Remains Sober Despite Battles With Addiction, Wants To Live With Debbie Rowe Instead Of Katherine Jackson

Paris Jackson shocked the world last week when she announced that she was attending AA meetings. The news came after she was being badgered on social media. Jackson hasn’t had an easy few years, especially since she tried to commit suicide just a few years ago. Her psyche is incredibly fragile, making her an ideal candidate for a drug abuse issue. Since admitting that she is attending meetings, Jackson’s grandparents have become increasingly troubled by her behavior. While things in the past may have been chaotic, Paris Jackson seems to be heading in the right direction for now.

It is being speculated that the drug experimentation for Paris Jackson began when she became involved with Chester Castellaw. In fact, the two were said to have experimented a lot. According to Radar Online, Paris Jackson became depressed after the split from Chester Castellaw. She immediately knew she needed help, and some of her close friends hooked her up with the AA meetings. Jackson has remained sober and even has a sponsor who she is connected with. While things may be difficult, Jackson seems to be working through her demons without the help of mind-altering substances.

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2013 was a tough year for Paris Jackson. Her father, Michael Jackson, passed away in a tragic accident four years prior, and Jackson was not healing like she thought she should have been. With all of the stress and missing her “daddy,” Jackson felt like taking her life was the only option. After her suicide attempt, she was placed into a rehab facility for an entire year. Throughout that time, alcohol and drugs were non-existent. Jackson worked through her issues and moved back to live with Katherine Jackson in Calabasas. Her grandmother allowed her to have fewer rules when she returned from rehab because she believed she could trust Paris Jackson. That worked for a while, but then Chester Castellaw came into the picture. Things went downhill from there, and quite quickly.

Living with Katherine Jackson isn’t where Paris Jackson wants to be. She has other plans for her life. Jackson will turn 18-years-old in just two months, and she will inherit the bulk of the King of Pop’s estate and fortune. Michael Jackson was always looking out for his children, and even in death, he has provided for them. According to In Touch Weekly, Paris Jackson wants to move in her with her mother, Debbie Rowe. This is not something Katherine Jackson is okay with, especially since Rowe initially wanted to keep the children after Michael Jackson passed. With only weeks to go before Jackson is a legal adult, there isn’t much anyone can do to stop her.


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After revealing her addiction last week, Paris Jackson opened up about how life has been being Michael Jackson’s daughter. While she has a lot of support from fans who loved the King of Pop, there are several critics and haters waiting to jump all over her. Jackson has spoken out against the “f*****g ridiculous” expectations people have for her. A lot of her behavior has been rebellious, and people keep feeding into it. Social media can be incredibly hard, especially for teenagers who are going through a lot. Jackson fired back at the critics and is still remaining active on her accounts despite deleting the initial post where she admitted the addiction.

While Paris Jackson has since grown up a bit and realized sobriety is essential for a healthy life, Katherine Jackson is still very concerned for her granddaughter. Being a rebellious teen is something many expected from Jackson’s children, but most assumed it would not have been Paris. With a sponsor in place and being surrounded by sober friends, Paris Jackson has given herself a fighting chance at a semi-normal life once again.

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