Kathryn Edwards Attacks Co-Star: ‘Erika Has A Lot To Say About Us Behind Our Backs’

Kathryn Edwards is learning what it takes to be on a reality show as popular as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Edwards may have nothing to hide and she may be ready to fight off any accusations that come her way, which is why she was ready to rumble with Faye Resnick. But Faye may not be her biggest problem. Kathryn doesn’t like liars, and she was shocked when Erika Girardi got caught in one. According to a new Bravo report, Kathryn Edwards isn’t too happy with her co-star and she wants some answers.

It all started when the ladies had lunch after the cryo freezing. Kathryn wasn’t present for the lunch, but Lisa Rinna got blamed for talking about Yolanda Foster’s kids in front of Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump. Rinna had merely brought it up when asked about it, but she surely didn’t gossip about it. Girardi was the one who had told Yolanda about the petty gossip.

“Lisa Rinna didn’t implicate Lisa VDP or Kyle in any way, BUT Erika did. Why?” Edwards questions in her blog, adding, “What was the point of starting trouble like that in the group? I can totally understand Yolanda being upset if she believes that Lisa VDP and Kyle were speaking about her kids, but I don’t think it was malicious at all. Lisa VDP said that Yolanda’s ex-husband told her the kids are healthy. Maybe Mohammed doesn’t want to share that with anyone… who knows… but it wasn’t Lisa VDP or Kyle calling anyone a liar or discrediting someone’s illness.”

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During the BBQ, all Kyle and Vanderpump did was inquire about Yolanda’s kids. Kathryn Edwards was there and may have heard the entire conversation. They merely asked how they were doing, as they knew that the kids had been diagnosed with Lyme disease — and that Yolanda had made the news public.

“Erika has a lot to say about us behind our backs… why wouldn’t she say anything to my face when I said I didn’t like the word ‘c***’ at the Moulin Rouge party? Why not take the time to tell me what it means to you when we are getting to know each other?” Kathryn Edwards reveals, adding later, “It’s ironic to me that she said that all of us old ladies talk about each other’s husbands, kids, health, etc. I haven’t said one word about any of those topics, and what I have said to anyone has been to their face, but Erika has indulged in some chatter. I don’t pull punches, I’m very straight forward until I see some bulls**t and then, please, let me call you on it.”

Of course, Girardi may still be a little upset about the comments that were made about her much-older husband. When she revealed how old he was, Vanderpump questioned whether he was still satisfying in bed, and whether he could still get it up. Erika was shocked at the conversation, as she didn’t want to talk about her husband. Even though Kathryn Edwards wasn’t there for this conversation, she watched it on television. So Edwards may understand why her co-star decided to talk to her friend. And when she heard Lisa and Kyle talking about Yolanda’s kids, she may have thought that gossip was all they did.

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But Kathryn wasn’t the only person who felt that Erika got caught in a lie. According to Bustle, several viewers felt that Erika should just have confessed to spreading the gossip around. She should have owned up to her lies and just settled the drama once and for all, as Edwards suggests. Instead, she ignored it, hoping it would go away. Lying may not have been the best choice, but she may not have thought of it as a lie.

Do you think this lie will come back to haunt Erika? What do you think of Kathryn Edwards calling out her co-star for lying?

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